Bot Thread (Please Downvote Spammers!)

Update: For whatever reason Tech Talk has started receiving several spam posts per day. Please help me out by downvoting their posts. This makes them much more visible when I’m scanning the threads. This is what I’m referring to:

Well, since these idiot spammers tend to post into threads now, please report any suspicious activities in here. I don’t patrol around here, but it may help out other mods in this section, thanks for the help guys. =)

Please stop posting in those BOT threads, PLEASE!!! infractions will be going around if you newbies continue to do so. Posting in these threads, will result in more bots!

Well, this actually happened in the IMM forum, @ the “check my new kicks” thread

Bot. About 7 posts as of now about random stuff like runescape money and various sneakers.

thanks Kabal & Tingboy =)


Found in the trading forums

Southwest GGPO ST thread. = this guy

and = that guy

Are both bots, most likely considering there total and complete off-topic posts and advertising nature.

Another forum I visit prevents users from posting links on their first few posts. That would help with this kind of junk:

a warning
this guy