Boston, Massachusetts -- NUFGC Weeklies and Matchmaking


We run weekly tournaments every Saturday at Northeastern University, right in the heart of Boston. Come check us out. We have a pretty nice setup:

Located at Curry Student Center at Northeastern University, room 333. Address is
Curry Student Center, Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Easily accessible by the Green (Northeastern University stop) and Orange (Ruggles stop) lines.

$5 for entry fee per game, no venue fee. Anybody is welcome. We typically run Ultra for now, but once we have a larger turnout we’re looking to run two or three games at a time.

Massachusetts Fighting Community:
Our Facebook page (restricted to NU students):

Epi desu~~

As a reminder, there (supposedly) will be a meeting/tournament tomorrow at 7:30 pm. During that time, we will be hosting NWM 7 on our 5 monitors. So come in, play a few sets, and enjoy the chicken from the Popeyes downstairs!