Boston Marathon Explosion

Whaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck

Crazy, watching the news now.

Definitely not the news I wanted to wake up to. My thoughts go out to the victims and families.

I am hearing it’s not an accidental explosion either

fuck me, watching pics of the explosions, not nice :frowning:

hope everybody in boston is alright and gets through this

Definitely seems all but confirmed that this was a deliberate bombing. Is it in-house or other?, that is the question

2 confirmed dead, 22 wounded so far. People discussing limbs flying everywhere.

2 bombs went off, police set one off. White House is being shut down, this is definitely not an accident now.

now people play the blame game :frowning:

They say there was another explosions near the police station. With possibly more around the city, scary shit dude

BBC are saying no reports of any deaths, but looking at the video there was a lot of blood, horrific.

Edit: 2 confirmed deaths, 22 injured

My friend knew a group of runners, said they finished about an hour earlier than the blast. Man that is something else.

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I was JUST around that area too…holy fuck.

ya just posted that :frowning:

cops have detonated another bomb, didnt hear where it was. But it was #3. Haven’t heard any news of anything besides those three (the 2 at the marathon, 1 detonated elsewhere)

so who is to blame? North Korea, Muslim terrorists, or crazy white guy? Place your bets now :frowning:

News conference coming up soon, doubt any info will really come out

Something tells me this might be a domestic act.

Holy… shit. If no one died from that is a freaking miracle.

Two people have died.

I’m thinking its a domestic thing too for now, personally. I could be wrong tho

Yeah my money is on domestic. This seems to require knowledge of the marathon and boston itself.

and yeah, I was thinking domestic from the start.

All the up and coming marathons will be on high alert.

BBC Live

Heard nothing about this, there is already a lot of conflicting information being reported, some are saying the explosions were far apart some are saying they were closely timed. Are the news stations turning this into a circus already?

First couple of pics… I don’t even…