Boss's top 500 3rd Strike players [Updates daily]

Boss is making his list of 500 best 3rd Strike players. I’ll update it daily.
If you can read Japanese go read his Twitter:

~5. Mester (Yun), Kokujin (Dudley), Boss (Makoto, Yun, Ken)
~6. Wantarlen (Yang)
~10. Match (Gouki)
~15. Furo (Yang)
~20. Hayao (Hugo), Norio (Urien)
~25. Tominaga (Makoto)
~30. Hirai (Ken), Mokomokofu (Ken)
~40. SHO (Yun), Kuni (Ryu), Koushun (Chun-Li)
~55. Shie (Ken)
~60. Atsushi (Ibuki), Chance (Makoto), YSB (Hugo), Kitagawa (Ken)
~70. Matsushita (Ibuki), Namijin (Ryu), K (Chun-Li), Roshihikari (Yang)
~77. Hiyama (Chun-Li)
~80. Saru (Yun), Ma Junior (Chun-Li)
~84. Higa (Ibuki)
~85. Loli (Dudley)
~90. Sugiyama (Necro), Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
~100. Heboryu (Ryu), Chuuashi Zesshou TKD (Chun-Li), Kowappa (Yun), Nishikawa (Yun), Kiyomatsu (Ken)
~105. Moto (Yun)
~110. Vanao (Ryu)
~111. Shibu (Makoto)
~120. Youhei (Dudley), TK (Gouki)
~123. Kazuya (Alex)
~130. LUKA (Makoto), Ikeyama (Necro), Teppei (Elena), Iyan (Yang)
~140. Jasmine (Makoto), Goroneko (Dudley)
~150. Ebara (Hugo), PinoAB7 (Necro), Mikami (Oro), ABE (Urien), Michael Tan (Ken)
~180. Tanaka (Hugo)
~195. Furuya (Makoto)
~200. Makeinu (Q), Shachou (Chun-Li), Suga (Ken)
~250. Hara wo Naguru Kikai (Q)
~280. Sane (Makoto)
~320. Gekkyoku (?)
~338. Chounikku (?)
~480. Chokkin (Elena)

On a side note he said Kindevu is amongst top 5 fighting games player in Japan:

Haha this is kinda neat. But where is biggiesmllllzzzz??

I don’t see Louscipher AKA AlexISDaBomb AKA TrannyPantiesSniffer?

Only Japanese Players? Why isn’t insert PSN tag here on the list?

Not to question Bossu, but wtf at all those decent players below Youhei?

whats with the smurfs and non-3s board people in here.

or muralscrub …ROFL

I figure the obvious easy answer for top 4 is like

Kuroda Rikimaru MOV Nuki

but maybe he’ll throw us a curveball!

Boss said that the post of himself was actually a joke.

"Let me just say this: I’m not part of the Five Gods of 3rd Strike.

Mr. K
Mr. Y
Mr. M
Mr. R
Mr. T

These five people are the true Gods."

All of his tweets are some very interesting insights on how he views other people’s playstyles. He’s also making a point to be very blunt: he refers to Makeinu as “the completely self-masturbatory type”, but also says in spite of that he still managed to defeat Ochibi during an SBO Qualifier so he’s not someone to take lightly.

Mr. Y = yuuki

Is 105. Moto the same Moto as Twelve Moto. If yeah the struggle is too real :confused:

No it’s not.

that actually made me laugh out loud.

the struggle with Twelve is that you should’ve picked someone else! gotta evaluate those life decisions


Now if we actually had 500 people in the U.S. that actually played 3s maybe we could get a list like this! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been working on just such a list actually

it is full of insight and wisdom

Tentative list made up of the people who go on Fightcade/GGPO. But instead of numbers its just sorted into 6 Class Levels, decided with input and general consensus of the players.

is jwonggg like a joke within a joke within a joke or did decide to hate life and play chun on ggpo.
also. lol.

Oh OSO is considered a good player on fightcade, that makes that 27-2 rout he gave me not hurt as much.

Yeah that’s J Wong. It’s wang not wong?