Boss Battle Returns - Greensboro, NC - 01.05.08

Good shit everyone. Thanks for coming out.

Third Strike

  1. Matt Frank
  2. Roski
  3. Shaun Cosby
  4. Aaron Brooks
  5. Nick / Jose Hernandez


  1. Blake Mansour
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Roski
  4. Shaun Cosby
  5. Villainous / Aaron Brooks


  1. Shaun Cosby
  2. Lucious Clayton
  3. Pete Hou
  4. Roski
  5. Darklight / Nick


  1. Roski
  2. Phillip Haith
  3. Shiki
  4. Blake Mansour
  5. Jose Hernandez / Lucious Clayton

Arcana Heart

  1. Villainous
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Brent Taylor
  4. Longshot
  5. Shiki / Austin Wright

NGBC Boss Battle

  1. Shaun Cosby
  2. Brent Taylor
  3. Jeff J
  4. Shiki
  5. Jose Hernandez / Darklight

Shaun Cosby vs. Boss One = 0-2
Shaun Cosby vs. Boss Two = 0-2

Holy shit Brent. I’m going to bet on you next time all the way because I’m pretty sure you’re pissed as hell and never going to do that again. Real life taunt before KO = NO GOOD. Too crazy man. You should have Shaun arrested. Good job to both of you though. :rofl: :wgrin:

I need to learn range and guard break on Blanka balls. Twice. :sweat:

We should have another tournament before March.

Really disappointed in my performance, but great job by Shaun stepping up and taking NGBC and also placing in every game under the sun.

Damn Phil is really serious about KOF XI…excellent beatdowns.

3rd Strike Matchups

Nick - bye
Bryan over Peter
Phil over Voltejay
Matt over Blake
Jose over Lu
Shaun over Sam
Darklight over Brent
Roski over Aaron

Nick over Bryan
Matt over Phil
Jose over Shaun
Roski over Darklight

Matt over Nick
Roski over Jose

WF: Matt over Roski

Peter - bye
Blake over Voltejay
Lu over Sam
Aaron over Brent

Peter over Darklight
Shaun over Blake
Lu - bye (Phil left)
Aaron over Bryan

Shaun over Peter
Aaron over Lu

Shaun over Nick
Aaron over Jose

Shaun over Aaron

LF: Roski over Shaun

Grand Finals: Matt over Roski

ggz. Thanks for the food brent.

Oh and I beat brent in losers in third and shaun eliminated me.

My bad. Fixed.

Repost from before, not that anyone cares:

Melty Blood

  1. Villainous
  2. Frank the Tank
  3. Raviloli
  4. Zoogstin / Purify

me, pissed? Come on now. But no, I won’t be doing that again.

GGs to everybody.

I don’t have to play arcana hearts!!! YES!

Shaun was on fire. He saw the money. Out of the woodwork, legends never die.

Good Anikan,good…The Dark Side of the force clouds everything…

I’m losing it in NGBC, Godd stuff Brent! well I’m scrubby in all fighters anyway, oh well.

Random Shiki low/overhead that can be GCFSed into free combo is way scrubbier than anything you’ve ever done, Phil. Stop going easy on me every time we play too by the way.

NGBC casuals after the tournament was like

Lu: hey brent fuck your gimmicks son

Jeff, I think Mars/Haoh is your best bet against me. You know how to poke and keep me out with Peeps, Haohmaru is the best character you use well.

Shiki, whiffing dps kills you man. You’ve gotta block more too, and though Kaede’s A button can get you out of shit and good combos, timing and reading the other guy is everything. Sucks about your pad though. Good shit in that ECKS EYE!

GS guys for keeping the scene going in NC. Definitely want to come out to another one of these. Real chill environment and the tourney running has stepped up a lot. Always good to see my boys in the top spots in that Third. U guys should try to make it out to MAD on the 26th. It’s gon be hype!

Thanks DJ.

We’ll definitely be there on the 26th.

wtf, one yun breaks you so you let another do it? lol

I know, I know. Some of it was nerves but believe me, a lot of it was the pad. Some of those DPs were not supposed to be DPs. There was an instance in a match where me blocking turned into me backdashing and eating a super :confused::annoy:
The same kind of thing was happening to me with Arcana Heart, but I had no chance to win anything at all so it didn’t bother me at all there.

Good shit guys. :clap:
It was great hanging out with yall again.

!!!southern Playas 2008!!!

Final Shout…well As Of Mid Feb I Will Be Living In Nyc…so Im Glad I Got To Play And Meet All Of You Guys…majors…roski(son…son…son), Matt F, Luscious, Shaun, George, Jose H(u Can Come Stay In Nyc Wenever U Want Bro) Danny, And Neone Else I Forgots!!!

Take Care And C All U Guys At The Next Major!!!

Im Sure Ill B Back With Ny Wen Sf4 Drops…so Practice Up And Get Hype Fools!!!

Eric V

Thanks, I might take you up on that offer sometime. Good looking out.

Fooooooooouuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr!!! (why did I do that?)