Born Again Street Fighter

Long story short: Long ago, in the days of SNES, I was addicted to Street Fighter II. I had long forgotten about it, and for a long time I hadn’t played any fighting games outside of the Tekken series (I have no idea why). About two to three months ago I decided to give Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate a try because I was bored with Tekken, and this ultimately led to me discovering and falling in love with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. This is when I tried my first arcade stick, a Hori EX. Trying that led to me knowing I wanted to use a stick and get a nicer one and picking up a couple MadCatz TE’s. Then I decided to pick up a copy of Super Street Fighter IV: AE (about a month ago), because it seemed silly to have a SFIV stick without at least trying SFIV. At first it felt a bit awkward and foreign but in minutes I was having a nostalgic blast.

Some things I remembered and picked up right away but some things are taking a little time. Half circle and quarter circle moves I can nail 90% of the time (including ultras). But I’m having a lot of trouble pulling off moves that are Left then Right + Punch/Kick (i.e. Guile’s “Sonic Boom”), or more specifically, pulling them off quickly. Maybe there’s something I’m not getting about the timing but I can only get them sometimes unless I’m really focusing or looking at my hands while I do it. And it seems like I have to hold in back for quite a while and go forward slowly or I get messed up, and obviously you can’t be that slow in a real fight. Also people that have moves like that have ultras that say like Left then Right then there will be an icon for another Left that’s smaller with an arrow pointing to the right underneath it… What does this mean?? I haven’t been able to pull of one of those ultras a single time.

Any help would be appreciated! I want to take Vega as a regular but I need to be able to pull his moves off quickly to do so. :slight_smile:

They’re charge ultras. You need to charge back for about 2 seconds, then quickly hit forward, back, forward and the attack buttons.

Think of it like doing a Sonic Boom, but wiggling the joystick a bit afterward.

As far as your Sonic Boom timing, it’s just practice. Try this though, this may help your muscle memory, then you can wean yourself from doing this over time.

Do your first sonic boom, immediately move the stick to back position. Not down back, actual back. then hit medium kick twice. You’ll do the backwards hop kick twice. Throw your second boom.

That’s usually a good way to measure the time between charges.

It’s not two seconds, it’s 55 frames so pretty much a single second.


I play on xbox 360 have been cycling between Vf5:FS, SFxTK, and SSFIV:AE with an emphasis on Street Fighter the last few days as it’s what im the least practiced at and i wanna try to get better before Ultra Comes out. Gamertag is TehMidcap8 for any other newbies looking for a sparring partner