Bored? Japanese UMVC3 3 on 3 and 8 man Evo qualifier LIVE

Mame’s spidey moves around exactly like how 90s cartoon spidey swings around those highrises, such a beauty.

Yeah it really shows how Capcom tried to make the characters relevant to their canon in their gameplay.

It truly is one of my favorite parts about Marvel as a whole.

Japan just DHC’ed into Bubble Shuffle…I am disappoint…

Change the title, it’s not an EVO qualifier, it’s a Tougeki qualifier. The KVO X Godsgarden which is an 8 man 1v1 invitation is the EVO qualifier.

The Evo qualifier is happening right after this.

they footdive too :mad:

The 8 man qualifier should start in about 4 hours.