What does this mean?

Depends on the game. Generally it means to “cheat” with another player to gain points. For example, in street fighter, a player hosts a ranked game, lets their friend join and win, and then does it again. You can boost in shooting games to get level ups and unlocks, and mmo rpgs as well.

Someone on my FL asked me to join his Ranked match so I could help boost his points. Seems to be more popular than I thought.

Online points >>> tournament wins.

I am trying for the c to shining c achievement (legitly) and the fact that people are doing this (boosting) is pretty fu**ed up.

I never understood why people boosted in SSFIV…unlike in shooters where you still face noobs all the time, in this game you fight better players as you go up…so why boost? You lose em as you die anyways, unlike other games where theres no penalty

Welcome to the wonderful world of video game achievements

why anyone even cares if they can level up characters they don’t even play is beyond me. Is it really that terrible to NEVER GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT OMG

Achievements are redundant anyways, not one time since the 360s release have I ever cared about someones achievements.

I get embarassed when I add new friends and their gamer score is way higher than mine :frowning:

Internet points and imaginary trophies are serious business