Boost Smashing: Finally, a real advanced technique!


"It’s like boost grabbing from Melee only you’re cancelling the startup of the dash attack with an u-smash.

You dash, hit down-C to do a dash attack, then immediately hit up and Z (grab button) to cancel the dash attack with an u-smash.

The boost in speed from the dash attack continues into the u-smash and you slide during it using that increased momentum. I would imagine the ideal timing is when the dash attack propels you forward the most.

  1. Dash
  2. Down-C (starts dash attack)
  3. Up and Z (grab button)"

This could potentially make some characters REALLY scary…I need to go test out the possibilities of doing this out of a dash dance and doing this to follow up a SHFF’ed normal…

at first i was like most characters can just dash and c-up to achieve this. But when you watch more it looks like something to definitely spend time learning! now i know how all those snakes do the dashing mortar.



I wish ROB’s up smash covered more distance but this may prove useful when people are coming down or don’t expect me to be in a certain place WOO!

Holy crap.

its easy to do with characters who have longer dash attack it seems. its easy to do with snake but a pain in the ass to do with toon link. i dont even think its useful for toon link either, i cant get him to really dash his up smash far no matter how well i time it.

Nice…looks like something worth learning. Do you have to press the grab button to make it work, though? And how about the C-stick?

You know, if you combine this with “alpha canceling,” you can pretty much do an instant sliding up-smash.

EDIT: I’m calling that a “prime cancel,” bitches.

I use the classic controller so it’s; dash, smashstick down, smashstick up+z?

I just get a dashing grab not a sliding upsmash so is my timing off?

I believe they call this DLX hit cancel on Smashboards. It doesn’t work with all characters, but I know Falco and Snake work for sure. You basically have it correct though.

Here are the specifics: You connect with a dash attack (can be done as dash A as well as dash, any cstick direction) then cancel out mid animation with an Usmash. You can do the Usmash with either the C-stick (easier), or with control stick + A, which is harder, but allows you to charge the smash.

You can also cancel a full dash at any time with an Usmash.

Other methods of moving smashes include after a foxtrot (which is to tap L or R instead of holding it for a full dash). Just tap L/R then wait til the animation is nearly stopped then cstick a smash.

Or cancelled out of a slide. Which is done by doing a full dash, then tapping the opposite direction, wait a split second then cstick smash. Has different timing for different characters.

You can also SideB cancel out a dash. This is useful for characters like Gdorf and Falcon whose SideB covers a lot of ground. Just dash or foxtrot away then sideB back in the opposite direction.

Think there may be a few more. I’ll post when I think of them.

^That’s something different; if you watch the Falco player in the video slips up and does it once, then gets off what he’s trying to do.

From the video and explanation it seems like you’re canceling out of the dash attack to get the momentum from it, but before the attack portion ever comes out, right? So isn’t this essentially a Kara canceled U-smash?:confused:

Yeah, probably should have watched the vid first.

Does the dash attack have to be done with dash~cstick down or does that just make it easier to hit the up Z after?

That’s lame. I support Prime cancels.

Ooh I gotta try this.


Thats cool, I’m trying to do this with the IC’s while they’re desynched. I’m thinking of making Nana do NeutralB while Popo does a boost smash, it seems like a very good approach.

Are you sure it’s using IASA frames? If that were true wouldn’t you be able to cancel out an empty dash attak? I believe you can only cancel out if it hits.

I just started using glide toss with Diddy, it is indeed awesome for spacing.

its not the same as DLX hit cancel. only a few chars can do that

Dunno what it says about usage of IASA frames, but to do the DLX cancel nonsense or whatever people are calling it now, I hate these stupid term wars, you do need to connect with the dash attack.

Just played around with this a bit with Snake, timing this seems very easy with him and it gives him another great way to approach. Definitely see this becoming very useful.

I can’t seem to do it with Ike. You just dash, hit Down on the C-Stick then immediately hit Up + Z, right?

EDIT: I just did it with Snake…it would appear every character can’t do this, since I can’t do it with Ike. Guess I don’t have to learn it, then.

i messed with this more today, its pretty much completely useless with most characters. its easy as hell to do with with snake but i heavily doubt this is game breaking or will be abused. its not like your invincible or anything. maybe something else may come out of this trick, but as of now its almost useless…