Booms For Days: An SF5 Guile Guide (publically editable)

Hello folks I created a Guile guide that is aimed to be helpful to Guile players at all levels:

I made it publically editable so if anyone has any suggestions to add to the guide, can help fill any gaps that are missing or fix any info they think could be improved or just needs to be fixed to be correct… anyone is able to make those changes whenever they’d like. I’ll just have to approve the changes.

Hope you guys enjoy the guide and hopefully some of you guys can help out making this guide good!

Just found your guide, it rocks! Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this info. Please continue to update it, especially matchup info, I love having it all in one place.

Thanks also for making it publicly editable, I’ll try adding info from personal experience and from other threads when I can.

Thanks as well for the guide. Was super helpful to me for starting off with Guile to have all the basic info in a nice simple and clean format.

I’m glad you guys liked it.

I’m trying to keep it as updated as possible and hope people continue to contribute when they can!

Would you still consider Guile to be beginner friendly even though he requires high execution?