Boolean search... Cataloging a topic to

I want to make a catalog of my exploits discussing specific kind of fighting game bigotry expressed by mostly 2 people.

What I'm Cataloging

I understand it might be hyper-exaggerated bigotry fior comedic effect . Archie Bunker became a famous old fashoined “geneational bigot” characature, which includes some racism, sexism, etc. Randy Neuman’s “Short People” is an anti-bigotry sing, by acting though song, the role of a less controversial bigot, bordering on absurd.And many science fiction stories demonstrate how idealogical extremism turns a utopia into a dystopia.

I don’t want to out the offendets, because i don’t want to hate them if their purpose was either a serious banance test, or trying to be comedians, and a brilliant person would combine them in one post.

And i welcome the challenge. If someone pokes a hole in my theory, i usually shut up, except if i cam fix the holr wiyh one argument. I understsnd the custom stick design us a different narket than the mass produced market, and the arcade market us different than the home market.

I would like a catalog if any fourm where the following following boolean value could be used to catalog ine topic. (Boolean operations in caps, and parentheses to show logical “explicit order kf operations”)

“( ( (Left OR Right) AND handed) OR Ambidextetous )AND (joystick OR button)”

You can probably guess the form of bigotry I’m addressing here. Also wondering if anyone else would like to comment except the usual 2 suspects. And maybe comments on the “Pro-Standardization if one particular aspect” arguments. Legitamate? Comedic? Both together? And do i nake a proper countter move. It’s bad net code if the only to win is to vr too priactive, and not reactive enough, which was the biggest difference betwedn SF3 and SF4. Likewise you appear to be scripted is you don’t factor in the new info and either counter, or make a stategic concession to lAter strrngthen your arguments. One way, satellite ping arguments sound like your parents when you were younger. Like the one I hear " Yes l, you believe in God. Even the pagans believef in a god of some sort." when I don’t instead of addressing my concerns.

The TLDR version:

I want to type a Boolean search, to get the right amount if specificity and completeness. I don’t know if Boolean searches are possible on SRK forum search. How would one type this:

I just want a couple more opinions other than the main 2 comment makers.

Are there any special, non obvioud, characters and code for these in the SRK search:

Grouping symbols

I’ll type it myself. Because using words gives too general of results.