Bonus Colors 11 &12: Will I get them if I get SFIV AFTER Super SFIV?

So will I still get the bonus colors if I get SFIV AFTER already playing with SuperSFIV?

I have Super but I don’t want to open and use it yet until getting the original SFIV because I’m afraid doing so will make me miss out on these two colors.

I really wanna play this game but don’t wanna miss out.


It won’t matter.

Why don’t you digital download it in game marketplace if you’re so worried? :stuck_out_tongue:

In the worst case, you can delete your SSF4 Save. and then create a new one after having a SF4 save.

The 11th color is decent and the 12th color is annoying so they aren’t all that important imo.

I like Colour 11, but colour 12 REALLY hurts my eyes and for some reason throws me off.

You can put a SFIV save on your console at any time and get the new colors. Doesn’t matter which save file exists first.

And btw, the colors suck anyway. 11 looks good, but out of place unless both are using it. 12 makes your fucking eyes bleed.

i’m going to play all the time w/ color 12 now just to make people’s eyes bleed.


yes you can unlock 11 and 12 after creating SSF4 save data.

I traded my SFiV when i got super and didnt realise i didnt have a saved game anymore, is it possible to download a sviv saved file and put on a ps3 ? because i would like the pencil effect colour but i dont wanna buy the game again as i will never play it ?