BONE: Best of New England Results

Turnout for SF4: 37 people.

Full Results:

1: BRN
2: Jedite
3: LuckyD
4: Inthul
5: Nestor
5: Tubsy
7: BJA
7: Siyko
9: Brainyi
9: Essex
9: CP
13: HackerMike
13: AsianTom
13: Mister Dash
13: Brandon
17: Bibulus
17: Zorin
17: Remy
17: Defcon
17: Nightblade
17: Dr J
17: RichAM
17: Kona
25: Justo
25: Jamie
25: Bizzle
25: Ralph
25: William F
25: Wave
25: Overclocked
25: Kryonik
33: HBRD
33: Alex M
33: Nicole
33: Bob
33: Lyconcua

Videos, Full Brackets and props to follow. Too tired. thanks for making GU’s sendoff a good one.


*Jedite, thanks in advance

good shit to everyone i played. i’ll post later when i wake up, too tired right now.

My bad man, fixed.


GGs to everyone i played, i managed to squeak out a couple tight games. I’m so free against ryus and sagats. And thanks to the guys that ran it, and dan for putting on a great tourney.

Good games, nice seeing everyone. I’ll be seeing you all again soon, I’m sure.

Jedite=Rob? What happened Ness? :frowning:

I heard Gabe drives a truck.

Good shit to all I played. I’m pretty much free in everything I played there but it was all a good time. If there was a way to spend the final day of GU, this was it. Also, there was FREE FUCKING ICE CREAM SON!

he lost to me in winners and he lost to PAD FEI RANDOMNESS in losers.

in all fairness he wasn’t all that bad, but he had MAD gimmicks. it also might’ve been a lack of matchup knowledge on nestors part, but i dunno.

console character> nestor lol

what da hell …
lucky d … u didn’t tell me about this …

You had to be there. If you were, you should have stayed longer.

lyconcua was there for much of the night haha. I didn’t see the Nes v Fei either just because there’s a lot going on and you miss stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

ggs to everyone was a sick way to send off GU. ill post more later

free icecream lolololol

Third place again, LuckyD? Man, that’s your favorite spot. You gonna put up results for the other tournaments and SF IV teams?

from now on … lucky d will be know as 3rd place D

Cause i have no respect for them then get hit by the gimmicks. :rofl:

Nah honestly just bad playing and lack of practice. Cant make any mistakes with Akuma, why dont you all try to use him in tourney? I cant even combo hurricane into DP consistently anymore. Could of gone the scrub route and used Sagat or Ryu but its whatever, i know where i stand. Back to the batcave, see most of ya when SSF4 is out.

oooo calling u ppl who use sag / ryu scrubs. no respect :tdown:

Really, Ryan placed 4th with pad Fei? Good shit.

I’m not a scrub, I’m a cruel Joke.