Bokkin's Robot Factory 11/11/10 530pm

SO my roommate will be out of town after NCR and I will be opening myself as a mini-dojo of the north.

My address

12419 4th ave w
Everett, WA 98204

Phone #


Today (23rd of May)

I’m having a BBQ/Poker/Lost finale/SSF4 Night

Please call me if you wanna head over. If I have room you’re more than welcome but my place is pretty full at about 15 ppl.

1)No upstairs
3)Break it buy it
4)Spill it clean it
5)BYOD (D for drinks, I have water that’s it)
6)We run SSF4 of SF4 exclusively no other fighting games allowed
7)Theft will result in hunting, just give me a reason

yes a dojo closer to edmonds LOL

i’ll be around

i feel lame for bailing. sorry carlos. i really wanted to go, but its my thursday of my work week, so im getting really drained.

Had a lot of fun, thanks for hosting Carlos!

Yo Josh, no worries. We had about 10 people and that seemed like the comfortable number. I still have 12 brats/12 burgers and a pack of hotdogs…I know the burgers will last frozen…but I was thinking of having something just to get the brats/dogs consumed…Maybe Weds/Thurs before NCR?

Let me know people.

Tight, I live in N. Everett. Too bad I missed today but I’ll be watching for the next best day :smiley:

Yeah Carlos thanks for letting me (which turned into us) watch the series finale of LOST there.

Hot Tub Time Machine…good shit to Pat for that one.

It feels good to know what the fuck people are talking about when referring to Lost…even not seeing the series I can say that the ending was something that didn’t seem like a total let down…it felt somewhat rushed (like serenity) but still wasn’t bad…rather than good it felt adequate. I hope to have people over more. Pat/Troy big ups to those from the deep south for comin out. Pat your place is hella far, I hope you got enough sleep for work.

I feel like 2-3 setups would be do able in my place which would have good turnover period for 10-12 people.

Thanks for having us over Carlos. Hope we didn’t make too much of a mess. I know I can speak for all of us that we all had a really good time and it was really nice doing something besides playing Street Fighter. Lost Finale although on some serious shiet for Frank and maybe Duncan, was a little bit entertaining.

Yea, I ended up crashing at Troy’s so I could get about 45 more minutes of sleep…which made a huge difference. Can’t wait for the next one!

Thanks for hosting Carlos. Good times. Lost is wacky.

Thanks again for hosting carlos, your dinosaur is tight.

Damn, it woulda been tight to get in on that poker game!

I would be down for something at the robot factory when not working. I live probably 5 minutes away.

Pat, don’t worry about the mess. Most of it was me cooking/washing hands/utensils. Also I’m kind of in a karma mood because I have left shit by accident for others to clean up at houses. Thanks for helping though.

Duncan, there are about 10 Coors Light cans in the fridge. You have until other people drink them or he banshee gets pissed and tosses them out. The dinosaur is watching.

I had an OH SHIT revelation at about 4am as to the ending/meaning of the Lost shit. Looking at what I saw I can say the show is pretty good as a whole but separately that shit is hot tub time machine wacky.

Alright. After NCR I’ll be open WAY more. If I know who you are (CodeNameV come on over man long time) you are more than welcome. If I don’t know who you are Call (don’t text) and 99% of the time if I have room you are welcome. My place will comfortable have about 10 people and I think 12-15 would fit for a grind SSF4 session. I plan on usually keeping it open either all night or until about 3am depending on what class I have the next day.

Setup wise I have room for 3 setups. I have 1 setup and 1 joystick. Which means at least 1 more TV, xbax/ps3/ 3 joysticks will be needed for a decent turnover time. Depending on the people we’ll either do evo rules (best 2/3 rounds 2/3 matches loser can change character/ultra winner can not) or if we have 2 setups/8 people 3 setups 12 people we can do FT5 2 on 2 off Round Robin style.

^ downloaded

^Scurred that he’s gettin downloaded…probably 1 more tournament Future and I think the download will be complete

You should just pick up Seth, dawg! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what she said.

I wonder what Carlos’ current signature means.