Blur is crack. Split/Second is cheap

Blur is out.

Split/Second is out.

One is crack.

The other is fun but has cheap AI and is also on sale.

Anyway, discuss the games and schedule racing meet-ups.

Played the shit out of the Blur beta. Getting behind does suck sometimes, but I’m almost happy about that, since it doesn’t really rubberband in any way. Shock deployed in certain places is extremely hard to dodge, other than that grab those Nitros and Shunts and drive solid. If people ahead of you don’t have a powerup to kill a Shunt, it can force them off their racing line, giving you a chance to catch up. We also don’t know what other perks are planned for when you level up past the beta cap.

Split Second looks like a lot of fun, but I don’t see the multiplayer being as good. I might Gamefly it at some point.

Welp, I got Split/Second.

Season mode is hard. Really hard. I’m talking F-Zero GX on Master level difficulty. And I’m only on Episode 6. This is a surprise.


I don’t think people sleep on stuff cause it’s Disney anymore. That’s just immature. Plus Disney has had a certainly level of respect for its video games. Yeah I’m going to cop it when it hits the right price. Thought it needs a ‘Crazy Taxi’ mode to be the perfect wtf racer.

I played the Split Second demo and it goes hard. I might have to pick it up. Blinky77 said it is on some F-Zero difficulty so it might be an actual keeper in my book.

I’m interested in Split Second, may pick it up later this week. It looks like “Michael Bay Directs Racing Game”, which is OK in my book.

Always did love racing with destruction. Tough choice between split and blur. I’ve only tried blur and loved it. Time will tell, I guess. Anyone have a preference?

If I had to pick a side, I’d be in the Blur Camp 100%.

I enjoyed the Split/Second demo, but I’m worried that after i see the same explosion or trigger the same power-play in the same race at the same time, it’ll get old fast.

In Blur, I played the Beta to Max level, and enjoyed every race. The power-ups are not too over-powered. you can dodge everything, even the homing shunts. Also you can counter every power-up with another power-up, like using bolts, shunts, and barge, to destroy incoming shunts and mines. there is nothing as annoying as that goddamned blue shell in Mario kart.

That said, both games had an ejoyable demo, and maybe Split/Second will grow on me once I try out the multiplayer, but Blur is a day 1 purchase for me.

I pretty much agree with what frostycyke said.

Split Second demo didn’t impress me at all, it looked extremely pretty but the AI was poor and once I’d seen everything that exploded or crashed it grew boring. It’s a shame because presentation wise I really like it, and I think not releasing a multiplayer demo was a big mistake.

Blur however is the complete opposite, I thought the whole concept sounded terrible until I played the beta. The beta completely rocked, and I love how competitive the powerups make it, so I’ll be definately picking it up next week!

So did anyone pick this game up last weekend?


Probably not based on the lack of activity. Come Wednesday though all the talk is going to be about Blur.

Blur has the glory of the fact that even after I had leveled demo character all the way up I still loved playing the game, the racing is really just that fun

Is Blur coming out on PC? I’m only keeping up with PC releases and hadn’t heard of it until this topic.

THat said, SPlit Second is awesome. I don’t really getbored of going through the same tracks over and over again, even with the same effects, because there’re times when the Power Plays get activated, and sometimes they don’t, depending on how the race is going. Pretty damn intense.

Only in Episode 5 though, and it’s been pretty easy going so far, we’ll see how it goes…

lol what a dork, he dislikes the game because he’s losing at it. Read how he starts off that fucking article, hahaha.

ROFL just about to post this, check out of the community comments at the bottom of the page :rofl:

I expect that review will be coming down soon lol

There are plenty of IGN reviews that bitch about difficulty and I don’t see them coming down… I get my game reviews from this forum mostly because I hope most of yall arent so bitch made to dislike a game cause you suck…

btw LP2 also got a bad score on IGN:rofl:

ROFL just seen the advert for Blur. Brilliant


Um wow. That Blur review was off base. Um, races in multiplayer are only chaotic during that starting clump. That’s where driving skill will get you out of the pack. AI is fine. What a little bitch. The AI has never been a problem yet. I’m three ‘levels’ in to the game and the only time the AI is tough is on the BOSS races where it’s one on one with a Boss that has a special mod. And you know how I won those races? I wrecked the boss. I wrecked his and her asses. But for normal racing the AI is fine. There is no rubber band effect that I’ve seen. Once you get to first and start hitting those nitros and shooting shit backwards you can keep pack to the back. This game is addicting. IGN is full of indie kids in love with immediately flashy shit and the Wii.

I’m so mad at this review that I’m going to buy Split/Second next week from Best Buy. Decision has been made.

Got Blur and I’m loving it. The single player is alright, but the main appeal is the Multiplayer. I do feel like that 20 player races can be crazy and that the smaller number of Players gives you a better showing of skill and tactics. But that is true in most things.

so how populous are the blur servers, are a lot of peeps playing?