Blue Aegis Reflector

How do you do the blue aegis reflector? I am a newbie and have seen the computer and other players do it.
The reflector is light blue instead of the normal pink colour.
Is this stronger?
I tried using different punches but they just change the distance of the reflector.

Nevermind … I found out that blue is for 2P

good guess but you are wrong. blue aegis is not for 2p.

blue aegis is performed when your health is below 25%, and the opponents is above 25%. a blue aegis does extra damage and allows for greater juggling possibilities. it is possible to perform an aegis infinite if you time it properly versus certain characters using the blue reflector.

note: you can also get a blue reflector if you taunt 3 times during the match.

I actually didn’t know any of that, very helpful though. Exactly how much more damage?

Why Johnny Ringo. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to intentionally mislead someone with false information. Can’t say I approve of that.


so it’s not correct?



I was going to say I don’t play him much but that sounds odd


Dude, that was great.


Wow i’m finding out so much new stuff :o


how do you do it then ?

Only works on arcade, have to be 2 player Urien