Bloody Roar 5?

Am I the only one who enjoyed the BLOODY ROAR games and would like to see that franchise come back with a fifth installment?

Seriously, like … Bloody Roar 4 … that was so ahead of it’s time with the speed, the variety, the fast pacaed combat, the gimmicks, damn I loved that game.

<3 Bakuryu, the Mole

HELL NO! I love Yugo. If 5 ever drops, I’m getting that shit in a heart beat. I still have the original Bloody Roar games and I also have them on PSN. Yugo and his 1-2 uppers… Lets get it!

  1. How to not be an asshole on forums- If your thread doesn’t contain actual information about “bloody roar 5”, don’t give it this title.
  2. There’s a Bloody Roar thread IIRC. Use search function before opening new threads.
  3. No fantasy threads of “oh I would like to have XYZ it could be so dreamy11!!<3<3”