Blood/vomit in SFII

In the SFII games heavy attacks sometimes cause the character to throw up blood/vomit. Does anyone know if this is randomly occurring (e.g., 1 in 5 heavy attacks causes it) or is it triggered by something else, e.g. x amount of damage in 1 hit, or x amount of damage in x amount of time?

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wut? video? i dont play sf2

Pretty sure it’s random, don’t know the percentage or anything. The vomit can be caused by hard attacks that cause the “stomach hit” animation, and can be in one of two colors (orange or tan). Similarly, hard attacks that cause the “face hit” animation sometimes cause either a spray of blood or a spray of saliva (sweat?).


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maj wrote about randomness in sf2 here and says the blood and vomit effects occur unpredictably

Nice one, thank you.

The only exception is with claw, whose ground punches, roll slash, and wall dive barcelona always result in blood with the claw on and always result in no blood with the claw off.

Leave it to the claw player to mention the claw exception. :lol:

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