Blockstun off light attacks/jump ins

I’m sure there was some technical theory posted about this somewhere but I don’t remember which thread.

So I was messing around and noticed that some jumping attacks into grounded attacks are obviously true blockstrings, meaning even if you let of the stick or hold forward, you’ll continue blocking. Except that in some cases even though it’s true blockstring, you can actually press buttons/perform reversals. How does this work? Or is it just an re-recording emulator quirk?

yourself answered the question, you cant break a blockstring, if you have the illusion of it, your timing is off.

I tested it with FBA-RR (I recorded the sequence and replayed it). There’s no manual timing involved and it’s repeatable. If I don’t press buttons it’s always a true block string. If I press with reversal timing, it’s not a true blockstring any more.

Are you saying it’s an emulator quirk ie. a problem with FBA-RR? I’ll test it in MAME-RR later.

The only two things I can think of is timing issues with the re-recording, or frameskipping causing P2’s grounded attack to come out 1f later.