Blocking Ultras

Hi guys, fairly new to SSF4 in general. Played it a little when the original SF4 came out and now I’ve been playing it on the 3DS while waiting for my TE stick to come tomorrow. I’m only at C+ on there with my favorite character.

I did a search but I couldn’t find any relevant information although I’m sure it’s among these forums somewhere. If so provide me the link and close this thread.

My question is about blocking Ultras. I can’t seem to block them reliably. I can block some Ultras just by pressing straight back on the stick, problem is this only works on some characters/Ultra combinations.

Do you have to crouch+block or low block/high block certain characters ultras? Are some Ultras unavoidable and have to be jumped over? (ex: Akumas Ultra I, I figured out that I can jump over him just prior)
I can’t remember which characters give me the most trouble online but I’ve tried everything that I can think of.

If you must do certain blocks/moves for different characters Ultras, is there a compiled list somewhere out there?

If I could start reliably blocking these moves I know that I would be able to win a lot more matches online!

Thanks for looking into this!

You can find this information on these pages:

If you see this icon in the Notes section it means that you can’t block it:

If you see this icon in the Notes section it means that you have to block it standing:

If you see this icon in the Notes section it means that you have to block it crouching:

If you see this icon in the Notes section it means that it breaks armor (can’t focus absorb it):

If you don’t see any of those icons in the Notes section you can block it any way you want.

Awesome, next time I face someone with an attack I can’t seem to block I will check the notes on their character to find out! Thanks.

Also if you ever run into a situation or move you can’t figure out, a good way to come up with solutions is to go into training mode and try to recreate the same scenario by recording the move or whatever and then working through it from there.

One other quick point you may want to know: Some ultras come out at faster speeds than others, so if you’re already in the middle of the animation for a move you’re performing, or have just finished a move that has a long recovery time, you may get hit by the ultra even if you block it correctly.

Ryan, some that come instantly to mind would be…
…Blanka’s U1 (the first part where he “bounces” into the air needs to be blocked standing)
…Zangief and T. Hawk’s U1s (both are extremely fast grabs that you need to jump or backdash out of)
…Sakura’s U1 (its low)

But you can always just check the guides here, or like J-Goz said, note what happened (“I couldnt block Blanka’s ultra 2”) then go into practice mode and learn to block it properly.

Also I noticed it doesn’t mention this on the wiki, but M. Bison’s U2 has to be blocked standing

Gen’s air u2 has to be blocked standing im pretty sure.