Blocking high after someone jumps-in on me

Is this stupid? For some reason I got into the habit of doing this, I think from fearing throws, so I think its time to break the habit. Should I just always block low after some one jumps-in on me unless I think I’m going to get thrown? Is there anything good about blocking high after a jump in besides what I just mentioned?

You can tech throws while crouching in most games. In games with two button throws, its generally better to tech while crouching. Don’t block high unless there is a legitimate overhead coming.

well it depends. Only time to really block high like that is for a possible crossup (which you can only block standing anyways.) and as otter said, if it’s a tech throw. But in games like SF3 and SF4 you can get away with teching while crouching.

then there’s people who have moves that push them back far enough to just be out of throw range and cause a whiff. Like SF4 Bison’s Focus attack and Makoto’s s.HK in 3rd Strike.

rules of blocking that i follow:

  1. Learn what overheads are and what they look like from each character
  2. Learn to always low block while grounded, always high block when against someone in the air
    3)Change block stances accordingly to spotting an overhead or jumping opponent. Otherwise always be low guarding.

don’t sleep on sf4’s backdash. really useful with its invincibility frames.

Generally speaking, you should always block low after a jump in. As others pointed out, you can still tech while crouching.

The exception to this–besides reacting to an overhead of course–is going to stand at the end of a block string if you know it won’t be low. In many games, you have reduced block stun if you’re blocking high.

If you’re scared of throws after a jump in you can use option select cr.LK to avoid the throws without standing up. Basically just press throw while crouching. You get a cr.LK but it will break a throw if they throw you. Takes a bit of practice to implement it into your game but you’ll see much success once you do.

The only thing is if you are playing a character who has an uppercut and they decide to replace there tick throw with a slightly delayed shoryuken you are eating an ultra. Honestly its better to just get to know there tendencies and when they like to tick throw. I mean I wouldn’t fear it until you have 40% and they have full ultra +2 bars and no momentum.

It’s weird I had to learn to block high whenever I faced Chun’s j.HP. I kept forgetting it hits high twice.