Blocking Grandmaster?

Anyone really good at blocking? I mean good that you can just stand in middle of map with magneto tri jumping and do c.lks without getting hit by anything (provided you don’t get thrown).

I need tips on blocking. Right now when I fight magneto with cable my strategy is to basically avoid crossups with spamming from assists grenades, pistol, etc and jumping at the right time. If I get crossed I usually only block the first barrage and get hit with a nice combo that takes off 70% health.

Theoretically if the opponent is trying to reset, you should be able to roll or block out of it correct?

Okay, first of all, I don’t like how you dissed Megaman earlier claiming he sucks, he doesen’t. Anyone that has a large advantage over Magneto [The character that’s owning your ass] doesen’t suck. That’s another issue altogether. Here [begrudgingly] is the info you desire…

1]Block low 3 frames [1/20th of a second].
-stops normal jump frontal triangle jump,
2]Optional: Block high [1/30th of a second maximum]
-dies to empty / fake tj, land, actual attack
3]Jump back while blocking [especially vs sj].
-Do this if a large cloud materializes under Magneto instead of high block
-low chance of eating fake Tj into low hit [if you skip step 2]
-optionally time assist calls to limit their best options vs this
-take care of all else solo if necessary
4]Cover assists as needed if necessary

Further notes:
-Focus sole on the pointman and let NOTHING else distract you.
-Guard push ALL attacks while touching ground
-Remember, if you can’t see [lose track of] where he is, you know where he was and can emergency guess where he will be next.

Hopefully Dasrik or Zaza can explain this better.

I hope this helps.

When you play vs Magneto/Storm always block high -> low immediately. Listen for the SJ sound, otherwise, you have to pay attention, this is important, DISREGARD EVERYTHING ELSE BUT THE PERSON YOU MUST BLOCK.

Find a pattern that they do. Fast characters with normal/sj rushdown like Magneto/Storm/Iron Man/etc. normally will have a pattern of high to low. Find the pattern (if there is one) and find the gaps/places to escape and punish them, if possible.

When in doubt though, call Commando. :stuck_out_tongue:

I donno about the last line although I fiercely agree with the rest [and will edit my first post to reflect this]. There is always the chance the player can abort it with ducking lk without you noticing or launching it. When you AHVB, he blocks or taps up back and you effectively waste your meter.

Thank you for explaining this part because this is how I block [assuming I NEED to block on the ground at all outside of the first game second with Cable]. I forgot to mention the part about always blocking high then shifting it low for a split second to get my guardpush because this is one of my optional match start strats. I also forgot to mention the part about the ignoring everything but opponent’s character part. Will edit to reflect these 2 details.

There’s one important scenario i forgot to mention. When descending from the air sometimes I swear I’m holding back when I get hit on the way to the ground. In the air, I look at the icons on the bottom so i know which way to block. Do they change fast enoguh? Some players like to confuse by dashing back and forth and I’m wondering if I can always count on the icons to know which way to block.

Should I always be blocking low in the air? I was watching the wong vs executioner match 2 vid and wong landed a to AHVB when it was so obvious executioner was just trying to turtle the rest of the match with storm.

BTW, this thread is about blocking in general not just with cable. I’m trying to improve my gameplay by becoming really good at blocking as opposed to figuring out more obscure infinites and other combos.


Blocking high first will get you in trouble…you’ll get hit by a lot of dash in

The best way to block is to always block low first, if the opponent goes for a you’ll block it, and if he goes for a trijump you’ll be able to see the SJ splash, react to that and block high…if he trijumps w/normal jump you will at least see that the char is jumping so you will have that to react to and block high.

This method does not guarantee that you will always block…in MvC2 there are too many ways to trick the opponent…but this is the most effective method once you get used to doing it; practice enough so you get your reaction time up.

Trijump crossups are another story though. It’s almost impossible to block them on a consistant basis.

high - > low lately doesn’t seem to be working hell…

lotta people double tri jump

That’s why you guardpush EVERY attack that you block so long as you are on the ground. Combining this with a feel out process and his triangle jumps become useless. This is because most Magnetos don’t vary their attack pattern beyond what they find works for them so if you figure out their pattern, you only have to worry about throws. Besides, you are blocking low for 1/20th of a second [3 frames] only. That makes it virtually impossible to get hit double high anyways. You’re being beaten by the block on a frame data level as well.

As a side note, vs Magneto, I design my game so that I rarely have to block, but can attack whenever, wherever, and with whatever I want.

When I said that, I only meant against triangle jumps. And even if it’s a double triangle jump, you’ll still be able to see it coming enough to start blocking. Push blocking doesn’t help 100%, if you want to push block anything, push block the low hit.

Not to be disrespectful, but most of your MvC2 advise is garbage.

Pushblock the first hit, whether it’s a low hit or a high(trijump) one.

Why wait for a low hit to pushblock when the opponent might double or triple trijump on you before going low? That makes blocking rushdown hella more dificult.

Thatz ma strats, pushblock and counter with somthin. I hate to block good rush down or anything for that matter. And as a rule try to keep a good anti-air assist, this if used correctly can frustrate a rush fiend. I know it frustrates me. Stops me cold.

*Pushblock the first hit. Not sure where Geekboy is coming from, because to pushblock the second hit, you have to guard the second hit. Most cross-ups get you by the second hit and if they don’t, they’re out of range for a third guessing game anyways.

*Whoever said blocking high->low loses to double triangle-jumps needs to work on his reaction. A second trijump is slower and more obvious than the opponent attacking low from the first trijump, so you should actually be able to block it on reaction.

*In my experience, blocking high->low works on most Magnetos, a good portion of Storms, but very rarely on Ironman. This is because Ironman’s most common trijump is sj.LK, sj.d+HP. If you block low for the second hit, you eat the sj.d+HP, which is all he really wanted to land anyways. And unlike Magneto, Ironman can land fierces/roundhouses in the air without causing Flying Screen, and lead into infinite. Blocking high->low might not work on Storms that go for the infinite. Also, Storm has probably the best horizontal range in the realm of trijumps. Combine that with the ability to float to add in more high attacks, and you have a trijumper that more than makes of for speed compared to Magneto.

just as a correction, ironman’s sj.d.fierce is not an overhead. a common misconception, and one that i wish was not true :frowning:
This means you don’t have to block it high, by the way.


sj.d+HP is not overhead, so you CAN block low on the second hit.

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t see Amingo’s post.

True, but you can replace that with an up+HK instead which will hit low. Ignites the infinite right there too



Anyways i forget who said it but they were right when they said pushblock everything while ur on the ground. But blocking high cuz you think they’ll go trijump isnt a great idea, especially against mag/psy. What I do: every magneto or storm WILL trijump at some point. When on defense I know this to be true. When i’m unlucky enough to be on the ground vs mag or storm rush i hold d/b knowing that there going to is going to be a trijump in there at some point…PERIOD. Focusing on their point character while remmebering this makes it MUCH easier to see that instant when their character leaves the ground, and thus you’ll react by moving the stick from D/B to B and pushblocking. Well, works for me anyways…In good moments and can block rushdown really well…in bad moments…my lifebar is half gone by the time i remember that i forgot :stuck_out_tongue: