Blocking doom

Hey guys i need some helps and facts :woot:

I play against this guy that has been playing eversince the game started. He plays doom in various teams and just destroys me. Half the crap he does i have never seen before. Like when i played him he did some unblockable high kick trip that i can never block. He usually plays doom with commando and i can never block wtf he is doing. Can i get some help on how to block different doom and commando combos?

Posting a vid would help in clarifying the help that you’re requesting. Honestly most ov the rushdown tactics that Doom can commit himself to are rather slow for the most part so you may have to step up your reaction speed to be able to predict and block/dodge whatever incoming attacks are used against you.

I won’t go into detail but Doom does have access to high speed mixups a la Magnus so there are a few things that a player will NOT be able to block the first couple ov times it’s done. With that, again, I say work on your reaction speed, look at what you’re opponent is doing (and remember them) and block accordingly if they so happen to abuse certain strats over and over.

As far as the ‘unblockable high kick trip’ (I take it that you’re talking about the c.RK unblockable sweep), you have to know that it’s coming (there are signs ov when the opponent will go for this so watch for them). As for the actual unblockable try to normal/super jump before it comes out…sometimes that helps in escaping a possible unblockable trap game.

…and Doom/Commando REALLY hurts, so definitely watch those sweeps!!