Bliggety-black-blackity-black Friday


First of all the lady’s right, I wouldn’t want my kids out there catching ammonia… secondly… there’s just so much wrong with this I don’t even know where to start. Although the guys at the end did have a point about them releasing more shoes…

Eastbay: Time magazine for the hood.

Camping for sneakers isn’t anything new. While it can seem silly for those that don’t understand, being a ex-sneakerhead, this is nothing surprising. You often gotta go the length to get your hands on limited, high-profile releases unless you have connections.

This stuff happens all year round. It just so happens that this particular release got picked up by the media because it was the Friday before Christmas, which is what Nike/Jordan Brand has been doing the past three years with Air Jordan XI retro releases (Space Jam in 2009 and Cool Grey in 2010).

Yes you’re right of course, and I forgot to post the one where the guy got his ass whooped. Even though it’s nothing new it’s still funny to me.

There were ruckus across many locations, but the murder story in Austin, Texas was made up.

I’ve camped out for sneakers before.

Then again I don’t have kids.

But you do have kicks. :rolleyes:

I used to buy, sell, and trade jordans up until a few years ago so yeah for a small proft I’ve camped out a few times all night. I remember for the DMP’s I waited outside the mall from 3AM till around 7 when about 1000 people on line got restless, punched through the glass doors, knocked out the security guards and bum rushed the mall. It was like an agitated fire ant swarm and the 2 cops stayed in their car scared shitless obviously lol, there were so many people shoving their way up the escalators some fell off and broke their legs maybe worse after like a 20 ft drop off the side. 10 People offered me $600 immediately after I walked out of the store. I was really glad my friend’s aunt who worked at the mall let me use the back exit, I definitely would have been robbed had I gone out the regular way.

to bad these will go out of style in three months

im being generous here

They were introduced in 1996…

you didnt get my post…

The point is that they were introduced originally in 1996, and have been retrod several times over the years including this year because people want them. The Air Jordan XI (especially the Concord colorway, alongside Space Jam) is one of the most sought-after sneakers of all time.

Not to mention these will only continue to climb in value over the upcoming months.

Shoes don’t really go in and out of style to the retro sneaker collector.

Once again the news latches onto something otherwise trivial that they just don’t understand. But LOL dem niggas! And those guys do make a point. Artificial scarcity is a large part of this problem.

I’d love to see a parody of this with a bunch of geeks* trying to get a hold of onnna dem new Radeon 7970s.

*Even though REAL geeks are still running XFCE Compiz on a TNT2

well I myself can’t collect due to my size 18 feet…having to drop a bill and then some on shoes has its limits

as long as you can take care of your shoes properly you should be alright

Nope! I tear up a pair of shoes and then it’s on to the next one like Jay-Z 'nem. Never payed more than $60 for a pair of shoes in my life, including dress shoes. Oh, and I still wear a pair of black Vans that I got freshman year of high school. Hoels in the soels now, but they’re still so comfortable and even still look nice. :tup:

Thread title worth a thousand words, content … well I’ll leave it alone.

i find sneaker people to be some of the most ridiculously eccentric people ive met. I have a friend, a really good buddy actually, who plays basketball and he told me that he had a pair of jordans in school that he would only wear sitting down in class…like he changed his shoes to walk in the hall, out of school, etc. he only wore a pair of jordans while sitting down.

that shit cray

Would he wear them on the toilet?

fucking lol. i know exactly what you mean. one of my old roommates had like 10 shirts but well over 30 pairs of nikes. doesnt make sense to me.

we get money though