Blaze's Eternal Tourneys: RESURRECTED! Fri (MvC3) Sat (SSF4) Sun (MK9+AH3);

Credits go to Remixed for the tourney idea/rules.

Before going on with reading the rules:
Do not Sign up if you arent gonna be here for the Tourney, No Shows will NOT be allowed to Join in Future activities.

Also Note that -almost- all the Rules below are debatable. Feel free to voice your opinion on any of them.

A tournament will run on a weekend day: Friday, Saturday or Sunday (usually current week schedule is in the title). Tourney day is debatable and might change from Week to week to give people that have tight schedules a chance to join; with Thursday being the last day to sign up for upcoming weekend’s tournament so I’ll have time to organize the bracket. For now I’ll cape the maximum at 16 people per tourney (might extend it to 32 if enough people show up).

These Tourneys will be LIVE Tourneys, Meaning: everyone who’s in the tourney will be there at one time, we’ll be play all the matches at that time and be done.


Week 1 Champion: Rugalitarian
Week 2: Canceled
Week 3 Champion: Zujira
Week 4 Champion: ImNotThatRude
Week 5 Champions: ImNotThatRude | Zujira | Rugalitarian.
Week 6 Champions: Team Beautiful (Rugalitarian, Tatsujinken) -Winner’s Trophy
Week 7: Canceled
Week 8: XxUltimacloudxX
Week 9: Spook-as-Carnage
Week 10: Rugalitarian
Week 11: JoonTheBaboon -Winner’s Trophy
Week 12: Team Blonds (JoonTheBaboon, Kitori-Sama)

None at the moment

Winners have a character lock
Rest is the default rules listed above

None at the moment


weekday evening has proven to be best for these kinds of things I think

sign me up, time zone is Pacific

If its after Friday I’m definitely interested!

By the way this is awesome Blaze, great idea! It’s gonna b sick when capcom releases the DLC with tourney mode, can’t wait!!

PSN: critikalx
TimeZone: East Coast, US
Mains: C. Viper, Chun Li

How so? I’m pretty sure most people work or have classes on weekdays, thats why I went with Weekends so that more people can join.

Ty. Yeah Its gonna be much easier with the Tourney mode. I’m currently leaning into making it Saturday, still not sure though

I’d join, but I don’t know how to play this game lol.

Its all for fun bro, you got nothing to lose :slight_smile:

My temper. :mad:

im in.

mains: hakan, zangeif, and Guy

time zone: CST

XD well idk what to say to that.

**Added everyone that signed up to the 1st post. We’ll need a minimum of 8 people to start the Tourney. I’m making this weekend’s Tourney On Saturday. **

Jeez, I’m on atop of a Pyramid Style Ladder for another website, but I know that I’m not good enough to keep that up. I’ll think about this since I am very interested in this. I’ll think this overnight and see since I’m anxious at getting better with Blanka and C.Viper

**Iam gonna support you brotha!

PSN: kamisxy
TimeZone: central
Mains:(optional) vega
Other Ways to contact you: (E-mail, MSN, AIM, AoL etc; also optional) **you have many lol

PSN: Rugalitarian
TimeZone: EST
Mains:Some guy with a claw
Other Ways to contact you: AIM: Rugalitarian MSN:

Cool, Hope you can make it :tup:

Lool good stuff Kami, gotta rep dat Claw!

I’m in.
PSN ID: RockmanX20
Timezone: Central
Mains: Bison (Dictator)
Other ways to contact:

I 4got to mention my info:

Psn ID: StopBeingCheep
Time Zone: Eastern
Mains: Vega, (still learning) Ibuki
Other way to contact:

Ah if this was on Sunday.I could have joined but you can’t please errbody. Weekends are generally bad for me, but I will keep a look out and join eventually.

Damn just remembered iam invited to my cousins this sat…u said 6 right? that my time?

I’ll switch the tourney days around in future tourneys so hopefully you’ll be able to sign up to one of them sometime soon :tup:

I think thats 7 pm at your time, not sure though.

i remember u were 2 hrs behind me right