Blaze Asks Em: IFC Yipes

The following bellow is NOT AN AIM CHAT LOG. It was an interview which I retyped into word. I repeat. IT IS NOT AN AIM CHAT LOG!

Blaziniflo: Alright ladies of gentlemen
Blaziniflo :actually just gentlemen, if you’re a girl and you’re reading this, go kill yourself
IFCYipeS (2:54:50 PM): lol
Blaziniflo (2:55:01 PM): This is the one everyone’s been waiting for
Blaziniflo (2:55:04 PM): the one and only.
Blaziniflo (2:55:08 PM): D-Block
Blaziniflo (2:55:13 PM): In Fucking Control
Blaziniflo (2:55:21 PM): yours truly, Mike Yipes
Blaziniflo (2:55:28 PM): First a little background
Blaziniflo (2:55:36 PM): Yipes came out of nowhere
IFCYipeS (2:55:50 PM): tru,tru
Blaziniflo (2:55:56 PM): he only played the game for a year or so before placing mad high at majors
Blaziniflo (2:56:11 PM): we first met at CF where he swindled my money
Blaziniflo (2:56:21 PM): and then beat up some retard for metropasses
IFCYipeS (2:56:30 PM): random,lol
Blaziniflo (2:56:38 PM): You remember that right?
Blaziniflo (2:56:58 PM): when that fucker was hiding in the Chinese restaurant?
IFCYipeS (2:56:58 PM): i remember earfin u for ya guap
Blaziniflo (2:57:03 PM): wow
Blaziniflo (2:57:15 PM): i remember you rimming my gape
Blaziniflo (2:57:16 PM): lol
IFCYipeS (2:57:20 PM): yeah i know what u talkin bout,but i had nuttin to do wit that,haha
IFCYipeS (2:57:24 PM): was funny as hell though
Blaziniflo (2:57:27 PM): Fucking Erik
Blaziniflo (2:57:28 PM): lol
Blaziniflo (2:57:31 PM): we’ll just blame him
IFCYipeS (2:57:47 PM): haha no doubt
Blaziniflo (2:57:50 PM): Now Yipes, where are you from and what’s your age?
IFCYipeS (2:58:10 PM): im from Washington heights,New york and im 20
Blaziniflo (2:58:18 PM): Washington Heights
Blaziniflo (2:58:27 PM): That’s pretty hardcore right?
IFCYipeS (2:58:35 PM): yeah u could say
IFCYipeS (2:59:02 PM): neighborhood is fucked up but if u from around here aint no problems
IFCYipeS (2:59:32 PM): straight hispanicville
Blaziniflo (2:59:40 PM): I’m thinking it’s safe to say that it’s more hardcore than san bernardino where mike chaos is from right?
IFCYipeS (2:59:56 PM): haha
Blaziniflo (3:00:05 PM): so what got you into marvel?
IFCYipeS (3:00:05 PM): depends on how real the situation is or not
IFCYipeS (3:00:36 PM): well i remember after school i hit up a gamestore/arcade for a minute with my homies
Blaziniflo (3:01:18 PM): who’d you train with in the beginning?
Blaziniflo (3:01:24 PM): and what was the turning point?
Blaziniflo (3:01:35 PM): when did you go from random scrub to the truth?
IFCYipeS (3:01:39 PM): with my boys pedro and kev
Blaziniflo (3:02:22 PM): What was yoru first team?
IFCYipeS (3:02:27 PM): turning point was when kev took me to chinatown fair and peeped how the top players play
IFCYipeS (3:03:02 PM): i got interested when they started throwing money around shit and i was like"damn like that?"
IFCYipeS (3:03:32 PM): and when i mean by “they” is non other than the syndicate family
Blaziniflo (3:03:48 PM): elaborate
Blaziniflo (3:03:58 PM): who is syndicate?
IFCYipeS (3:05:00 PM): syndicate is them dudes who put they money up for this marvel
Blaziniflo (3:05:18 PM): names i need names
IFCYipeS (3:05:29 PM): syndicate is ran by the sent master himself,Desmond "the xecutioner"pinkney
Blaziniflo (3:05:32 PM): i mean we here at Blaze Asks Em are all about protecting our sources
Blaziniflo (3:05:39 PM): but we need the juicy details
IFCYipeS (3:05:49 PM): infinite
IFCYipeS (3:05:53 PM): chris matrix
Blaziniflo (3:06:04 PM): Let’s move onto some strategic questions
IFCYipeS (3:06:12 PM): and law man
IFCYipeS (3:06:14 PM): spit
Blaziniflo (3:06:41 PM): because I’m sure your fans are definitely interested into know what makes your mind ticks
IFCYipeS (3:06:52 PM): haha
Blaziniflo (3:07:00 PM): first your only got props for having one of if not the best magnus in the world
Blaziniflo (3:07:19 PM): but then you shocked the world with thrax, matrix, mss and everything in between
Blaziniflo (3:07:33 PM): first strategic questions
Blaziniflo (3:07:48 PM): when do you play mss over msp, and vice versa?
IFCYipeS (3:08:27 PM): well for MSS i play it for the sole reason that its not fragile like msp
IFCYipeS (3:08:43 PM): so basically i pick it on sent teams depending on the assist
Blaziniflo (3:08:55 PM): well specifically
Blaziniflo (3:09:07 PM): thrax, matrix, and then sscable
Blaziniflo (3:09:14 PM): who would you pick on those teams
IFCYipeS (3:10:19 PM): thrax i pick it if im not feelings Msp for the moment since u really dont need that much execution to use that team…just a buff sent and a decent storm will hold u down
IFCYipeS (3:10:52 PM): matrix i use it since its good for backin up storm on point
Blaziniflo (3:11:00 PM): no mean against those teams
Blaziniflo (3:11:03 PM): msp or mss?
IFCYipeS (3:11:07 PM): oh msp
IFCYipeS (3:11:13 PM): my bad
IFCYipeS (3:11:31 PM): Mss is for the lazy niggas
IFCYipeS (3:12:24 PM): Msp just because u know its fragile so u play patient for that one kill
Blaziniflo (3:13:40 PM): in your opinion
Blaziniflo (3:13:52 PM): who do you think will be the top 8 at evo vegas
Blaziniflo (3:13:55 PM): excluding yourself
IFCYipeS (3:14:05 PM): haha
IFCYipeS (3:14:20 PM): no particular order
IFCYipeS (3:16:05 PM): justin wong,sanford kelly,Demon hyo,smooth viper,Duc Do,soomighty and potter
Blaziniflo (3:16:19 PM): no chunk?
IFCYipeS (3:16:19 PM): but this is straight off the top of the head
IFCYipeS (3:16:29 PM): Yeah definetly
IFCYipeS (3:16:35 PM): it all depends on whos hungry or not mang
IFCYipeS (3:16:57 PM): as u can see last year sanford aint make it top 8 cause of that sole reason alone
Blaziniflo (3:17:05 PM): yea
IFCYipeS (3:17:12 PM): theres too many killas
Blaziniflo (3:17:23 PM): too many variables
IFCYipeS (3:17:45 PM): reset placed two years in a row from 2k5 to 2k6
IFCYipeS (3:17:56 PM): chunk stepped it up in a matter of a year and got 2nd
IFCYipeS (3:18:03 PM): shit is crazy
IFCYipeS (3:18:09 PM): eder suprised me and smoked everybody
Blaziniflo (3:18:30 PM): is rashaan part of your crew?
IFCYipeS (3:18:46 PM): nah hes syndicate but thats one of my dudes
Blaziniflo (3:19:00 PM): tell your boy he owes my boy eder 50bucks
IFCYipeS (3:19:12 PM): i remember that incident,haha
Blaziniflo (3:19:22 PM): honestly
Blaziniflo (3:19:32 PM): if he doesn’t pay up, he’ll never get another money match
Blaziniflo (3:19:40 PM): honor amongst theives
Blaziniflo (3:20:06 PM): let’s move on to some tactical questions
Blaziniflo (3:20:11 PM): since it’s tournament season
Blaziniflo (3:20:28 PM): i don’t want you to give up all your secrets
IFCYipeS (3:20:45 PM): its ok mang im not one of them sandbaggin dudes
Blaziniflo (3:20:51 PM): But let’s cover some of the basics
Blaziniflo (3:21:00 PM): your magnus in two siituations
Blaziniflo (3:21:04 PM): one against another magnus
Blaziniflo (3:21:11 PM): and the other against sent/aaa
Blaziniflo (3:21:21 PM): you aways get priority
Blaziniflo (3:21:31 PM): and end up rom’ing the other magnus
Blaziniflo (3:21:51 PM): you catch em when they’re rushing you down
Blaziniflo (3:22:07 PM): there’s that one frame gap, and you always catch it
Blaziniflo (3:22:10 PM): explain
IFCYipeS (3:22:17 PM): haha
IFCYipeS (3:22:34 PM): well for one to me i got a instinct for that so i cant really explain but ill try
IFCYipeS (3:23:17 PM): i basically let them swing first or take a guess
IFCYipeS (3:23:24 PM): and thats as real as it gets
Blaziniflo (3:23:57 PM): well against sent/cap or aaa
Blaziniflo (3:24:13 PM): you always cross them up and get them on the down
Blaziniflo (3:24:41 PM): aka how you eliminated wazzler two years ago
Blaziniflo (3:24:58 PM): well when the point character fall down
Blaziniflo (3:25:08 PM): there’s that instant when the marker disappears
Blaziniflo (3:25:22 PM): how do you always have such good control and always know where your magnus is
IFCYipeS (3:25:58 PM): cause thats my duke,lol
IFCYipeS (3:26:04 PM): nah im j/k
IFCYipeS (3:26:23 PM): common sense
IFCYipeS (3:26:27 PM): IMO newayz
Blaziniflo (3:26:52 PM): you never pick cable
Blaziniflo (3:26:55 PM): why not?
IFCYipeS (3:27:11 PM): funny how u ask that question
IFCYipeS (3:27:15 PM): hes in 2 of my main teams now
IFCYipeS (3:27:26 PM): but as assist
Blaziniflo (3:27:33 PM): so row and cody?
IFCYipeS (3:27:39 PM): nah
IFCYipeS (3:27:47 PM): mitsu and sscabl
Blaziniflo (3:28:02 PM): sscable is cody
Blaziniflo (3:28:04 PM): lol
IFCYipeS (3:28:08 PM): oh my bad,lol
IFCYipeS (3:28:12 PM): aint know that
Blaziniflo (3:28:13 PM): amateur
Blaziniflo (3:28:15 PM): lol
Blaziniflo (3:28:22 PM): you’re playing mitsu right now?
IFCYipeS (3:28:30 PM): yeah
Blaziniflo (3:28:30 PM): are you FUCKING serious?
IFCYipeS (3:28:35 PM): im serious
Blaziniflo (3:28:38 PM): i’ma murk you at ecc
IFCYipeS (3:28:49 PM): for money? imma own u free
IFCYipeS (3:28:59 PM): ill use my mitsu over ur whatever for ne kind of money
Blaziniflo (3:29:00 PM): yea you’re right
IFCYipeS (3:29:02 PM): u name the price
Blaziniflo (3:29:05 PM): wow
Blaziniflo (3:29:09 PM): i thought we were peeps
Blaziniflo (3:29:15 PM): you gonna call me out for money
IFCYipeS (3:29:16 PM): hahaha we peeps but money is money
Blaziniflo (3:29:20 PM): on my interview
Blaziniflo (3:29:22 PM): well
IFCYipeS (3:29:24 PM): u did say u was gonna murk me
Blaziniflo (3:29:32 PM): then i guess i might just have to edit this before publishing
Blaziniflo (3:29:33 PM): hahah
Blaziniflo (3:29:38 PM): i’ll do 3/5 for 10
IFCYipeS (3:29:41 PM): hehe no doubt
Blaziniflo (3:29:42 PM): against your mitsu
IFCYipeS (3:29:44 PM): do it
Blaziniflo (3:29:51 PM): you’ve already taken enough of my money
Blaziniflo (3:29:59 PM): well let’s talk about evo2k5
IFCYipeS (3:30:02 PM): haha its all good
Blaziniflo (3:30:06 PM): the infamous
IFCYipeS (3:30:07 PM): aha spit
Blaziniflo (3:30:23 PM): when you were promoted from an ordinary member to the president of team choke
IFCYipeS (3:30:35 PM): ouch,lol
Blaziniflo (3:30:42 PM): you are the only person in history to eliminate Justin at Evo
Blaziniflo (3:30:48 PM): and then you lost to Duc
Blaziniflo (3:30:55 PM): you had him
Blaziniflo (3:31:09 PM): what went wrong? and how do you prevent it from happening again?
IFCYipeS (3:31:29 PM): lol its like this mang
IFCYipeS (3:31:56 PM): i had my knowledge straight to fight every team in the book except Ducs
IFCYipeS (3:32:00 PM): plain and simple
IFCYipeS (3:32:17 PM): so vs duc
IFCYipeS (3:32:28 PM): thats was straight new shit to me
Blaziniflo (3:32:46 PM): were you surprised at the level duc was playing?
Blaziniflo (3:32:55 PM): after all those years
Blaziniflo (3:33:06 PM): and he was still on the top of his game like that?
IFCYipeS (3:33:09 PM): imma keep it funky i earfed his cable and sentinel
IFCYipeS (3:33:15 PM): its that spiral thats a problem
Blaziniflo (3:33:54 PM): I would ask you what you would do different this time should you run into him
Blaziniflo (3:33:58 PM): but don’t answer that
Blaziniflo (3:34:05 PM): we’ve already discussed that in private
IFCYipeS (3:34:11 PM): koo
Blaziniflo (3:34:21 PM): i don’t want you to give away those tactics in the off chance you play him again
Blaziniflo (3:34:26 PM): that’s not sandbaggin
Blaziniflo (3:34:29 PM): thats duc
Blaziniflo (3:34:31 PM): that’s serious
IFCYipeS (3:34:39 PM): nah nuttin serious homie
IFCYipeS (3:34:42 PM): imma run it back wit msp
IFCYipeS (3:34:47 PM): straight up
Blaziniflo (3:34:56 PM): don’t miscombos this time
IFCYipeS (3:35:01 PM): haha i wont
Blaziniflo (3:35:24 PM): what do you do in your downtime?
IFCYipeS (3:35:58 PM): i babysit my nieces,chill wit the homies
IFCYipeS (3:36:07 PM): look for a decent job
IFCYipeS (3:36:42 PM): help my parents around the house from time to time
IFCYipeS (3:36:48 PM): thats about it mang
Blaziniflo (3:36:53 PM): and hustle for money in marvel
Blaziniflo (3:36:58 PM): don’t forget that
Blaziniflo (3:37:00 PM): lol
IFCYipeS (3:37:07 PM): see man its like this
IFCYipeS (3:37:34 PM): nobody will play me for serious cheese except sanford,desmond,justin wong and smoothviper
Blaziniflo (3:37:49 PM): you train with erik a lot right?
IFCYipeS (3:37:52 PM): WC always brings a new hope to my arena
IFCYipeS (3:37:56 PM): not like b4
Blaziniflo (3:38:05 PM): cause he really stepped his shit up around the same time you came out
IFCYipeS (3:38:16 PM): yeah he did
Blaziniflo (3:38:22 PM): went from just loud motherfucker with the afro to a serious killer
Blaziniflo (3:38:33 PM): and i mean serious killer
IFCYipeS (3:38:50 PM): thats that nigga
Blaziniflo (3:38:57 PM): would you consider going incognito
Blaziniflo (3:39:04 PM): cutting your hair
Blaziniflo (3:39:05 PM): etc.
Blaziniflo (3:39:13 PM): and pretending you’re a random person
Blaziniflo (3:39:17 PM): and playing for money
Blaziniflo (3:39:20 PM): i’ll set it up
Blaziniflo (3:39:24 PM): just roll with me at evo
Blaziniflo (3:39:28 PM): we’ll get mad cheese
Blaziniflo (3:39:39 PM): "wait aren’t you yipes?"
Blaziniflo (3:39:56 PM): "who, nah man. I’ve only been playing for 3months. let’s go 3/5 for 100. what’s good?"
Blaziniflo (3:39:57 PM): ol
IFCYipeS (3:40:11 PM): haha i wish that would happen alot mang
Blaziniflo (3:40:20 PM): roll with me
Blaziniflo (3:40:23 PM): i’ll set that shit up
IFCYipeS (3:40:27 PM): only dudes who would play me for serious cheese is the people i named
IFCYipeS (3:40:34 PM): and some WC catz
Blaziniflo (3:40:43 PM): what do you think about wazzler
Blaziniflo (3:40:51 PM): how’s he stayed at the top for so long?
Blaziniflo (3:41:03 PM): does he have a sixth sense about the game?
IFCYipeS (3:41:12 PM): nah imma keep it real
IFCYipeS (3:41:17 PM): straight 100 right
IFCYipeS (3:41:18 PM): now*
IFCYipeS (3:41:34 PM): that niggas nice…ok he held it out for a long time
IFCYipeS (3:41:52 PM): but theres also alot of choke artist
IFCYipeS (3:41:57 PM): imma leave it at that
Blaziniflo (3:42:08 PM): ahhh
Blaziniflo (3:42:12 PM): the infamous wong factor
Blaziniflo (3:42:29 PM): with your status the way it is now
Blaziniflo (3:42:37 PM): do you think there will be a yipes factor now?
IFCYipeS (3:42:54 PM): lol maybe
Blaziniflo (3:42:56 PM): where we’ll see missed dhcs and ground viperbeams a lot more now?
IFCYipeS (3:43:22 PM): to be honest i hope not
Blaziniflo (3:43:49 PM): how much longer do you see this game going?
Blaziniflo (3:43:54 PM): it’s already been 7 years
Blaziniflo (3:44:00 PM): and is stronger than ever
Blaziniflo (3:44:09 PM): do you see it reaching a decade?
IFCYipeS (3:44:25 PM): it can go as long as ST
IFCYipeS (3:44:40 PM): the question is will DC’s Live long enough to support that game
Blaziniflo (3:44:47 PM): lmao
Blaziniflo (3:45:08 PM): well you’ve often been credited to single handedly revitalizing magnetos
Blaziniflo (3:45:32 PM): what do you think is magus’s biggest weakness?
IFCYipeS (3:46:14 PM): real good zone,good runaway
Blaziniflo (3:46:41 PM): well the most common anti-magneto tactic is run call drones run some more burn hail
Blaziniflo (3:46:51 PM): how do you get around that?
Blaziniflo (3:47:02 PM): we’re all familiar with being patient
Blaziniflo (3:47:08 PM): and getting storm when she lands
IFCYipeS (3:47:11 PM): real talk
Blaziniflo (3:47:16 PM): but how does yipes do it?
IFCYipeS (3:47:27 PM): I stay on that ass in a nice and safe manner
Blaziniflo (3:47:39 PM): elaborate?
Blaziniflo (3:47:46 PM): you have 3 drones coming to you
Blaziniflo (3:47:51 PM): they’re running
IFCYipeS (3:47:52 PM): basically Rush that ass down
IFCYipeS (3:48:01 PM): oh ok
IFCYipeS (3:48:29 PM): i basically wait till they land and stay a few inches away so non of there attacks can reach me
IFCYipeS (3:48:51 PM): and basically Rush that ass down
IFCYipeS (3:49:10 PM): i got new gimmicks for my rush down so yull see it evo east and world
Blaziniflo (3:49:27 PM): iyho
Blaziniflo (3:49:36 PM): who do you think has the best storm and best sent now
IFCYipeS (3:50:24 PM): best storm…ME
IFCYipeS (3:50:36 PM): hahaha nah j/k
IFCYipeS (3:50:49 PM): i can say i have one of the best now since i worked on her for a minute
IFCYipeS (3:50:55 PM): but THE BEST
IFCYipeS (3:50:59 PM): justin wong
IFCYipeS (3:51:11 PM): BEST sent is Sanford kelly
Blaziniflo (3:51:18 PM): cable?
IFCYipeS (3:51:22 PM): Desmond is a honorable mention
IFCYipeS (3:51:25 PM): smoothviper
Blaziniflo (3:51:47 PM): what happened in game3 of LF at ecc last year
IFCYipeS (3:51:53 PM): Hahaha
IFCYipeS (3:52:04 PM): im a dumb fuck
IFCYipeS (3:52:05 PM): thats all
IFCYipeS (3:52:17 PM): thats all i can say to explain that
Blaziniflo (3:52:48 PM): that was gdlk
IFCYipeS (3:52:56 PM): yeah it was
Blaziniflo (3:53:12 PM): well we’re almost at the conclusion of our interview
Blaziniflo (3:53:21 PM): let’s tackle the tough questions
IFCYipeS (3:53:36 PM): spit
Blaziniflo (3:53:38 PM): as everyone knows we here at Blaze Asks Em never shy away from the truth
Blaziniflo (3:53:45 PM): what’s really good about Mike Chaos?
Blaziniflo (3:53:54 PM): what’s your opinion on that nigga?
IFCYipeS (3:54:11 PM): to me hes basically a bodyguard
IFCYipeS (3:54:34 PM): holdin down some dude who pops off a year later
Blaziniflo (3:55:01 PM): do you think he’ll come up to you at evo
Blaziniflo (3:55:08 PM): and say what he said on the video to your face?
IFCYipeS (3:55:31 PM): if hes aiming for the problem route
IFCYipeS (3:55:32 PM): yeah
Blaziniflo (3:55:43 PM): i’m not putting words in anyone’s mouth
IFCYipeS (3:55:50 PM): and imma handle my buisness
Blaziniflo (3:55:55 PM): but to quote DeNiro from Casino
Blaziniflo (3:56:03 PM): there’s a lot of holes in the desert
Blaziniflo (3:56:10 PM): lol
IFCYipeS (3:56:16 PM): haha
Blaziniflo (3:56:27 PM): Real talk
Blaziniflo (3:56:30 PM): WC vs EC
Blaziniflo (3:56:39 PM): what’s really good
Blaziniflo (3:56:43 PM): does wc have a chance?
IFCYipeS (3:57:01 PM): if its the same format as 2k3
IFCYipeS (3:57:01 PM): yeah
IFCYipeS (3:57:03 PM): its 1 game
Blaziniflo (3:57:21 PM): how do you think team wc should be picked?
Blaziniflo (3:57:26 PM): should it be a popularity contest?
Blaziniflo (3:57:30 PM): or should they duke it out
IFCYipeS (3:57:48 PM): Depends
IFCYipeS (3:58:11 PM): cause all the nice players is popular in the scene so theres not much to vote
IFCYipeS (3:58:22 PM): not to shit on nebodys game but thats how the fans see it
Blaziniflo (3:58:38 PM): should Duc Jr. be considered?
IFCYipeS (3:59:06 PM): hmmmm…nah
Blaziniflo (3:59:11 PM): yea
Blaziniflo (3:59:13 PM): me neither
Blaziniflo (3:59:22 PM): are you really playing soo for a g?
IFCYipeS (3:59:31 PM): it depends on him
IFCYipeS (3:59:39 PM): I dont care
Blaziniflo (3:59:46 PM): i’ll back you 100
Blaziniflo (4:00:01 PM): against anyone else i’ll put up more
Blaziniflo (4:00:11 PM): but I think after game 5 it’ll come down to msp msp
Blaziniflo (4:00:18 PM): and it’ll be basically a coinflip
Blaziniflo (4:00:24 PM): no matter how you wanna see it
Blaziniflo (4:00:54 PM): for all the fans out there, do you have any advice on how to take their game to the next level?
IFCYipeS (4:01:06 PM): ryeah
IFCYipeS (4:01:11 PM): have fun wit the game mang
IFCYipeS (4:01:33 PM): go to ur local arcades,tournies
IFCYipeS (4:01:39 PM): get ya Exp up
IFCYipeS (4:01:46 PM): play smart
Blaziniflo (4:02:12 PM): Do you have any rituals?
IFCYipeS (4:02:17 PM): haha
Blaziniflo (4:02:17 PM): before tournaments?
Blaziniflo (4:02:21 PM): how do you get ready?
IFCYipeS (4:02:24 PM): this is straight raw and uncut right?
Blaziniflo (4:02:35 PM): wouldn’t have it any other way
IFCYipeS (4:02:41 PM): haha
IFCYipeS (4:03:00 PM): i drink a few beers here and there
IFCYipeS (4:03:14 PM): lamp,get some fresh air
Blaziniflo (4:03:27 PM): lamp?
IFCYipeS (4:03:31 PM): warm up a lil wit a few casuals
IFCYipeS (4:03:36 PM): that means Relax
Blaziniflo (4:03:37 PM): oh tight
Blaziniflo (4:03:41 PM): new catchphrase
IFCYipeS (4:03:49 PM): thats how we say it in NY
Blaziniflo (4:04:33 PM): Well it’s be fun and thanks for this intimate look into the life of Yipes
Blaziniflo (4:04:38 PM): Goodluck this season
Blaziniflo (4:04:44 PM): and I’ll be seeing you real soon at ECC
IFCYipeS (4:04:45 PM): no doubt man,thnx
IFCYipeS (4:05:07 PM): all day homie
IFCYipeS (4:05:07 PM): be ez

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dope read.

lmao, man your about to either get a infraction or a banned I thought you read the…Oh wait It’S BLAZINFLO aka the ultimate fanatic of marvel that’s been banned from SRK for almost 2 years now.

No wonder why these aim chat logs are up.:rofl:

Well hope you enjoy your stay while you can!:tup:

what’re you talking about?

I’m talking about the aim chat logs you got up at the beginning of your thread.

When you were still at SRK HELL, Wiz made a new law NO MORE CHAT LOGS of any kind. That includes IRC/AIM/MSN w/e son they’re ALL banned from SRK!!!

Now you know it’s your choice to delete them or keep them choose wisely cause one choice will lead you back into SRK HELL…

damn that sucks. i actually enjoy reading these

The Rahsaan money match payoff … that really was hilarious. That and his match against Potter… :lol:

I liked it too, but you guys need to learn to spell.

Just playing, I hope that you don’t get banned for this.

Who the fuck are you? Were you old enough to go into an arcade without your parents when Blaziniflo started posting these?

You’re not a mod, you’re not good at any games, and you’re not funny. That puts you somewhere between camel feces and Rosie O’Donnell’s dildo on the SRK status list. The next time you decide to type, do the rest of us a favor and do something more productive with your hands like fisting your own anus until you taste fingers.

Who I said I was speaking for anyone else??? Did I say that at all in my post NO so STFU. I was speaking for myself. Also I wasn’t being funny but why don’t you take Rossie O Donnell’s Dildo and camel feces up your ass for prostitution. I hear Rosie only charges $1 to have the camel special.

Look if the mods are cool with it fine so be it, if they aren’t I gave him a warning now I’ll leave this thread to avoid ruining it.

If already did then sorry ladies for messing up your soap opera.

smooth read

Shut the fuck up. Who the fuck are you trying to “give him a warning”? And all that other bs in your posts are getting you infractions. You should’ve left well enough alone.

Interviews are one thing. The meaning of that rule was because of certain people putting personal business up on SRK for all to read. This is an interview, meant for others to read. Sucks that he doesn’t have a better outley like A-ism Radio, but this is fine.

Remember, PERSONAL BUSINESS. I don’t have a problem with interviews being done like this, and I’m sure the other mods don’t as well.

And anyone else wanna promote themselves to deputy mod come see me, I’ll hook you right the fuck up.

Dope shit B.

Cool Interview Blazin’, by a year when i make it big i will be on AIM for my Interview or on IRC. Good Shit, keep em coming.

Blaziniflo (3:01:18 PM): who’d you train with in the beginning?
Blaziniflo (3:01:24 PM): and what was the turning point?
Blaziniflo (3:01:35 PM): when did you go from random scrub to the truth?
IFCYipeS (3:01:39 PM): with my boys pedro and kev
Blaziniflo (3:02:22 PM): What was yoru first team?
IFCYipeS (3:02:27 PM): turning point was when kev took me to chinatown fair and peeped how the top players play /QUOTE]

LOl Im that pedro guy …


damn, good shit, i was wondering who pedro was