BlazBlue Tournament Ranking Ladder

We have been using this system VERY successfuly in the Soulcalibur community, and there is no reason other communities couldn’t use it as well. The system is already in place for the BlazBlue community; we just need active tournament organizers who are willing to submit their events into the system. This system is dependant on tournament organizers who are interested in using it. Below are a series of examples of how this system works with the Soulcalibur community.

Round Robin:
Double Elim:

For information on how EASY it is to submit an event, just follow the link below:

This ranking system is based very loosely on the Association of Tennis Professionals ATP Entry Ranking System (as apposed to their ATP Race System). What this means, is that players are ranked by the total scores of their best performances within a specified time period. Using this system solves many problems within other ranking systems; especially race systems that tend to give preference to players who attend the most tournament events. This system ensures a more accurate calculation on the relative performances of players.

With this system, a player’s rank is calculated using their best scores within a specified time period. Stronger players are not penalized because they had a “bad day”, and weaker players are not rewarded by attending the most events. By specifying best scores limit, a player’s weakest performances will be ignored in the ranking calculations (provided that player attends enough tournaments to exceed the limit). By specifying a time period, the system will automatically weed out stale rankings and remove players who are no longer active.

The amount of points a player earns is based on a series of variables. The base calculation is related to the player’s relative placement within the results. Naturally, a player who gets 1st, will get more points than the person who gets 3rd. This point value is then multiplied by the turnout of the event; the more people who show up to compete, the more the event will be worth. Finally, the resulting vaue is multiplied by the category of the event; Weekly events are worth less than Monthly events, and then even less than Yearly events.

So, you only allow north americans to participate in tournaments? and matches, too i guess.

I was actually thinking about organizing some singles tournaments (online at least), just to keep some good competition going. This would definitely be very helpful.

No… anyone can participate… where did I say North America only?

Anyway, I made two videos to explain stuff…

Event Submissions:
Character Usage:

Because this is all i read in every online tournament.
This tournament is open to NORTH AMERICAN PLAYERS ONLY.

What does this ranking ladder have to do with online tournaments?