BlazBlue team 2vs2 tournament: 7/6 - Here I come boobie lady!


Now that Blazblue is all the rage Magman has suggested to myself that we should run a team tournament for this game as well to keep things interesting. This will be different from the SF4 tournaments, because you MUST HAVE A TEAMATE.

-Rounds will be best of 3
-No same character teams
-No banned chars
-Random Stage/Music
-Normal team style format.
-5 minute rule before DQ

Tournament will be 10:00PM EST on Monday July 6th. You can come up with a clever team name if you want, but it isn’t required.

So let’s have at it!

  1. MagnetoManiac/KomboKaze “Team Cleanup Crew” (Litchi/Arakune)
  2. Bobino/Filthierich (Jin/Hakumen)
  3. SonGohanX/RoughBuddha (Ragna/Tager)
  4. Regel/Ghostal “Team Ebony and Ivory” (Hakumen/Arakune)
  5. Damage898/Simply_Hugo “Team Simply Damage” (Noel/Tager)
  6. Tsakan2/Senkei33 “Team Eco-unfriendly goes green” (Ragna/Arakune)
  7. Jarv/Viache “Team Awesome Lazer Win” (Arakune/Ragna)
  8. TheArkayne/Boss_Mimiga “Team SoEAZY” (Arakune/Rachel)
  9. BustahWulf - Tager / Zeal34 - Jin, Team Random nigs
  10. Crusher Jewels. Wookie_crusher Jewelman(Litchi/Nu.)
  11. Team New Age Retro Hippies (dangerkid-Taokaka/BBQ-Jin)
  12. Random team - (syxx/rachel + onejaded)
  13. Ken34/Shoryuswordsman “Team Shoryuken” (Jin/V13)
  14. Team Litchi flavored ice cream - MinervaSC/Ryuujin (litchi/JIn)
  15. Bamboo Barrels - munsu5/Odd8job (Litchi/Noel)
  16. Kona/Slychivas (tao/jin)
  17. Diaz/B15 (tager/rachel)

Yes! I’ll do the brackets…you can just hold results for me since you can stay on both IRC and PSN at the same time.

Litchi player looking to team with someone, test me out or whatever if you want. Preferably a Noel/Ragna/Jin partner though :cool:.

im down

lol already?

Hell yea yo

Side note, Me/blazu25 using Litchi/Ragna “Team Cleanup Crew”

Awww : ( I have to work.

Yall just gonna lose to me. Yall should wait lol

im down…need a teammate though lol


me and filthie_rich jin/haku-men

hey look it’s the guy who gets hit for free in every game lol.

Yeah I’ll be in if I find a teammate who can tolerate my Hakumen.

can we make the time 11:00? I dont get out of class on monday till 9:45pm and it takes me like 20-25 minutes to get home…

I’d be down if i can find a teammate

yo, i want to buy this game, but i have little info of it, so, is this game good? i mean good like, " OH my fucking god i need to get this game" good? i like the graphics tho, but what about the playability? i have read good reviews about it, but i dont really trust some website that rate fighting games without knowing shit about fighting games.

Aw man…I doubt I’d be home for that…faaawk~

It’s great. Look for a thread called “do you regret buying BlazBlue” in the BB strat section and look at all the “hell fucking no” posts.

Viache and I are signing up as Team Awesome Lazer Win. Do we need to give characters now? If so It’ll probably be me Arakune for me, Ragna for Viache.

EDIT: I second making this a bit later, Viache gets out of class at 10 p.m. eastern.

Some people got jobs and things to attend to in the EC, so I’m already pushing it with the 10pm EST start :slight_smile: Can’t make it later, sorry.



Noel Player looking for teamate. Can use Tager (sorta) if Teamate happens to be a Noel player.