Blazblue Online Double Battles

Since there is no option of it online i’ve decided to start double battles. Me and somebody will be hosting for team battles. You can partner up with anyone you want. All you have to do is leave your psn, level, location and make a specific date if you want. You can decide the limit of how many matches you want played. This is all for fun and might even eventually host tournaments and keep track of wins and loses.

If you are online you can search on player match and look for the room Team Battle, a date isn’t always needed you can join whenever the room is up. Sometimes it might be private though for the people who set up dates. It would be nice if you have a headset to communicate easier.

You can also make a name for your team

Team List


  • Clyde158 {lvl. 38} & Slick348{lvl. 38} (Montreal, QC, Canada)

  • Killeykun {lvl.43} & KomboKaze{lvl 46} ( Ed, Alberta, Canada)

  • Ryujin {lvl. ?} (looking for partner)

maybe you should also list levels, or what level/skill range the player feels most comfortable fighting. (no need to make plans to meet up and find out team A got blazblue 3 hours before :3)

Well if anyone wants to team up with me. I am a West Coast Canada player.

PSN: Killeykun
Level: 43

KomboKaze if you are up for it we should team up and clean up house.

Haha I just awoke , and decided to hop SRK. finally quit storming

Psn: KomboKaze
Level : 46
Team name??**

If you have friends who might be interested you can give them the info. The more the marry

Ill tell some ppl but i want in