BlazBlue LE DVD

I bought my copy of Blazblue used, so I didn’t get a nifty video, even though it was free.

Should I use youtube to watch it, or is there somewhere else I can get it? (It was included for free, from what I hear.)

Yup they’ve all been uploaded on youtube…

Ragna - [media=youtube]4hbSnETmNF4[/media]
(Nu) v-13 - [media=youtube]qdRq_xzxS1Q[/media]
Hakumen - [media=youtube]QJV3mw_G4YM[/media]
Bang - [media=youtube]MZeJZO-oTdA[/media]
Jin - [media=youtube]kzZuLPxWDRI[/media]
Litchi - [media=youtube]mTckbwdW-EA[/media]
Noel - [media=youtube]Pig7bwAwG4Q[/media]
Rachel - [media=youtube]pBnDJHFO9N8[/media]
Taokaka - [media=youtube]U7H6XAHailk[/media]
Tager - [media=youtube]l5bQgxJjpZM[/media]
Carl - [media=youtube]tiwoQEE19ps[/media]
Arakune - [media=youtube]dH6ozQmCfJE[/media]

I was so excited when I got the LE bluray

Then I put it in and found chobot in the intro.

I don’t think I’ve even thought about it since. Chobot sucks.

Chobot sounded bored outta her mind. They should’ve put Morgan in there.

I got my LE as well, but I have the bonus dvd still there. How come you didn’t get one?