Blazblue jan 24th results at university pinball

  1. jiyuna [rag] (losses to no one)
  2. lord knight [lit] (loses to jiyuna twice)
  3. xaqshinor [jin] (loses to lord knight twice)
  4. drunkenchicken [tao] (loses to xaq, lord knight)
  5. demon hyo [jin] (loses to drunken chicken? someone else)
  6. alzarath [rac] (loses to jiyuna, xaq)
  7. st1ckbug [noe] (loses to someone, demon hyo)
  8. 10stars [ban] + [hak] (loses to someone, alzarath)
  9. HARD BREAD [ara] (loses to i forget)
  10. henaki [tag] (loses to demon hyo, alzarath)
  11. 2something [ban] (bang player i think, loses to someone, then st1ckbug)
  12. nas? [noe] (i forget)
    13th everyone else
    17th some dude

st1ckbug has full brackets.

vids of top 3 and me failing have been recorded by hyperhal, with me commentating horribly in the bg, expect them about never.

ggs, no excuses to why i lost, hope everyone else takes a hint from this. xaq is allowed to go home, because he did in fact make some money.

oh and i should mention, besides jiyuna, the level of play was really really close except for one match im not going to mention. jiyuna… didnt get touched. “i wanna win, get drunk, and go to sleep” - sage advice of champions.

1: Jiyuna (Ragna)
2: Lord-Knight (Litchi)
3: XAQshinor (Jin)
4: Drunk Chicken (Taokaka)
5: Demon Hyo (Jin)
5: Alzarath (Rachel)
7: St1ckBuG (Noel)
7: 10starz (Bang/Hakumen)
9: Dave2J (Bang)
9: Henaki (Tager)
9: Nas (Noel)
9: HardBread (Arakune)
13: Mr.Biscuits (Ragna)
13: Ray (Arakune)
13: Mike (Forgot)
13: BBQ (Bang/Ragna)
17: Lawrence (Forgot)

Good stuff people. Thanks for coming out.

mike used bang

lawrence was prolly the other tao player.

I never played Bang?

ninja edit: gd shit everyone who came out… and got free mcdonalds >_>


Good shit to everyone who came out, hopefully I’ll have the vids up soon(along with pictures). To everyone who came to the hotel afterwards…


GGs to everyone and thanks for coming out. I’ll try to do another one sooner or later…

I’m just glad I got top 5 and I don’t even play this game at all! I honestly thought I was going to lose 1st round ASAP and same with second lol.

Good shit to everyone that showed up

good times, hope to see everyone out at next one.

ggs to all


gg’s to everyone… we gonna either try to do one in feb… or early march…

also if turnouts are big enough… i won’t hesitate to throw in pot bonuses