Blazblue @ Evo, All 10 characters!


Here comes your next challenger!

Torrance, CA (July 21, 2008) ? On behalf of Arc System Works, Aksys Games, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment products, is pleased to announce the next stop of our Location Test Tour for BLAZBLUE (Arcade version) in America! Aksys Games will be working with the biggest fighting game tournament in America, to host our next stop. The location test will last two days at EVO2008, at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada!

? We are very excited and proud to bring Arc System Works exciting next title, BLAZBLUE, to the hardcore fighting game enthusiasts event, EVO2008, ? said Akibo Shieh, president of Aksys Games. ?We want to support the fighting game community that?s been supporting our titles, so doing our next location test at EVO2008 makes perfect sense. ?

?We are thrilled to be a location test for the next big arcade hit, BLAZBLUE. Arc System Works is dedicated to quality when they want to get feedback on a yet-to-be-released game,? said Joey Cuellar, Event Coordinator. ?EVO2008 is the perfect spot for hardcore gamers to play and give instantaneous feedback. We look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas!?

Evo does it again!

Get hype!


Too strong.

Jeeeze, Evo 2008 “It’s just downhill from here!”

These US location tests are all great signs. Have fun with it, guys.

omg, " stop it steve jobs ! Stop it ! stop it !1" * head explodes *

wow, good shit.

It’s official.

Daw Fuuuuck!!! Looks like I’m goin to Vegas twice this year…Evo plunders me wallet again~

wait aksys is publishing this?

no official word of any USA release, but given the amount of involvement Aksys has put into promoting this game in the USA (location tests for a game that’s not even out in Japan, Aksys’ history of publishing most ASW games), i think it’s a safe assumption. What plaform(s?) they will release on is another question entirely.

Wow, everytime I try to convince myself that I shouldn’t spend the money to head up to EVO World, another game’s location test gets announced as part of the event. This is killing me. x_x

^ Yeh, they did GGAC for North American PS2 as well, and a great job of it from what I hear.

I can’t believe Evo’s getting out so many of these. That’s awesome! It’s cool that the developers and publishers recognize the event and the hardcore community for what they are: the heart of the fighting game genre on its continent. Battle of Destiny in the UK is getting SF4, SFHD, and SC4 too, which is neat.

A question for OG’s: when was the last time, before this year, that Evo (or any other player-run tournament outside of Asia) had a loc test or a playable exclusive present? This kinda stuff hasn’t been normal or common ever since the arcade industry died, has it? This year is particularly crazy, right?

Will an Evo badge be required to play it?

Yes only registered attendees of Evo 2008 will have a chance to play any of our exclusive titles.

Evo 2k4 had a Tekken 5 loketest.

Shorter lines, awesome.

Get lost broke-asses. </asshole>

ALL 10 CHARS!!! FUCKIN’ SWEET!!! I’ve only played the first 6. Can’t wait.

-Tha Hindu

LOL that sucks for GG players who are probably the biggest demographic for this game.

Very very smart! Big props!

Oh snap, it’s $50 to register now too!?!?!? :rofl:


Yeah, normally I wouldn’t mind paying but $50 to register for Evo just for the loketest after having GG removed is ridiculous. Hard choice.