BlazBlue CS help!

I just bought BB and im completely lost. I’m attempting to main haku-men, but i’m just overwhelmed lol. If anyone can help me get a grasp on the game i would be grateful, or would like to train.

I also have SSF4AE so if anyone wants to play me on that or blazblue feel free to add me on xbox: SouleateR eP

The dustloop forums at are generally where BlazBlue players hang out, and you can find a lot of information about the game there.

If you’re completely new, play through the tutorial, it’s great and explains a lot. Also check out James Xie’s Beginner Mode (he’s kind of long-winded in these) and Klaige’s IAD-TV (for Guilty Gear, but most of the same concepts apply to both games). You can also read up on your character’s wiki page where you can also find links to system explanations.

Remember that the version of the game you have (CS Extend, right?) is older than the current version, so you’re going to find it difficult to get any opponents. The new version, Chronophantasma, is only available on PS3.

Thank you very much, i will check out that website & yeah i know, i don’t have a ps3 so i’m stuck with cs extend, but surprisingly their were quite a few player.

ive also played the tutorial, and im a huge fan of Guilty Gear but i’m not very good at it either. But i’m decent at SSF4AE.

Thanks Alot