Blast City Control Panel Restoration *pic intensive*

Hi everyone,

I actually started this project b/c I saw this thread a few months ago This thing has a really solid weight and it’s pretty sturdy. Definitely love the fact that this thing is indeed made of fiberglass!

Well I figured I’d try to pick one up and I ended up buying one from a fellow SRK member Gigazord. I have just put before and after pictures right now but I’ll put up additional pics of what I did in between if anyone is interested.

Anyway I picked this Blast City control panel box from Gigazord about a month ago and here are the pics. it wasn’t in really bad condition or anything but the paint job on it was pretty bad so I had to remove all of that and clean everything but here are the pics of what I received.

And here are the pics of the finished product. I will take more pics outside when it’s sunny but right now these pics are at night so they aren’t the greatest.

Here are the pics of the inside. I ended up repainting the latch and hinge. Wiring is kind of messy since I used the harness but I’ll fix that up soon. It’s currently only wired to 1 player but I’m going to be wiring up the 2nd player in a few days. Well here are the pics.

Here’s pics of the backside and the bottom.

Pics of me putting in a new 100yen sticker and also a new coin slot.

I ended up putting back the chrome coin slot since I thought it looked better.

And close up pics of the paint job.

If anyone has questions or want more pics definitely let me know! Any comments or opinions are welcomed!

Monkey, that is good stuff.

I didn’t know Gigazord was selling, I would have gotten.
How much was it?

That restoration project turned out great! The stick looks sick like that. Just like new. Awesome job! You can probably see if you can make yourself some custom panel art to go on the top and upper-right corner of the panel.

It was $175 and also sent him a namco stick. I heard he was thinking about selling it so I asked him and we worked out a deal… definitely worth it.

Buddy that looks amazing! Great job!