Blankas Hitbox video

Just in case anybody missed this from the main forum:
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Very interesting viewing. You need a single frame advance video player like quicktime to view the frames though.

Maybe this can be incorporated into a proper general info thread when one gets produced?


Strange, I didn’t need one… some of them are password protected though.
Try h1tb0x

Hitbox Data Thread [Archive] - Street Fighter Forums

I’ve already extracted the individual frames of his slide, crouching moves and far standing moves. Still have to do close moves, jumping attacks, focus attack, throws, specials, super and ultra.

Why, would that be different to the existing frame data thread? Is the existing data from vanilla sf4 or something?

It’s to see how the hitboxes change during a move.

Ahh ok. You can do single-frame export from video as an automatic macro from Final Cut Pro. Although the hard part would be to determine when a move sequence starts… due to the character idle animation. I suppose you could frame advance to the active frames and then step back to take account of the startup frames. How have you done it so far? Must be a pain in the ass yeah?

I was just going through the crouching normals video and counting the startup, active and recovery frames and then comparing the times against the frame data thread. It looks like the recovery times seem to differ from the the times stated in the frames thread. cr.hp and were spot on but nearly everything else I counted had a longer recovery time.

Counting the frames starting from when the red hitbox disappears, until when the wireframe hingepoint bounding boxes resettle back to the idle animation; cr.hp was 25, was 21… fine… but was 16!!! seems impossible imo. Does anyone have any idea how the original recovery frame data was arrived at?

I want to know, because I wouldn’t mind helping out with some of the as yet unextracted moves. :slight_smile: has 7f recovery. even though it takes longer to reach “idle” state, you can still input another move.

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service Ultra Two Anti Ground image frames. Could be useful to you. I was going to do a nice html photogallery page but it’s pointless. Any ideas how these will be presented when they’re finished?

(159 - 345 frames are the actual important ones. 000 - 158 is the flashy startup animation… in which the opponant tries to buffer their own ultra in a mad panic)

Avidemux - Downloads video playback and image frames export software - free.

Avidemux seem to have trouble play the video fluently

plus, can anyone download the akuma / ryu / seth hitbox files? the akuma link seems broken

Akuma zip works fine. Password h1tb0x . Re: Avidemux, why would you want videos to play files smoothly/fluently in first place? Click ‘no’ to 1st three error screens when vid loads, encoded with ‘b’ data or sumfink? It’s value is in single frame advancement anyway…

i finally get the ryu and seth hitbox from another thread ,but the akuma link unable to get through

please give me a help

You can try to download the youtube videos here: [media=youtube]TXLvkH5wJmo[/media]

Try using Flash video Downloader - the most popular Flash video Downloader or something?

The megaupload link should work though. I downloaded Akuma last week ok. I’ll download it and re-upload it later and post a link here.

thank you, that would help a lot

This one works: RapidShare AG, Cham, Switzerland (Akuma Hitbox MP4)