Blankas 50/50 with Ultra 1

I Think I have an understanding of this but then I turn around and don’t. Could someone explain this to me along with its set-up(s).

f.throw, wiggle, u1. Can crossup, hit front side, or be unblockable(usually only get 2 hits if unblockable).

f.throw, whiff hp ball, u1. Almost always crosses up, corner only.

super, do f.throw setups.

Everything else isn’t “legit” in terms of being a 50/50.

Just a few years late to the party… lol

But you can also do a little 50/50 with Super by doing b.throw (not into the corner) > hop > Super

With HP Super it’s a crossup but MP Super looks like HP but it does not crossup

you can do that midscreen too with f.throw or sweep, but it’s still not “legit” and the lack of invincibility means you are vulnerable to wakeup attacks where u1 you are usually 100% safe against all but a handful of characters.

Well, we’re forgetting the fact that the once called “Mizoteru Bomb” (U1 50/50 after f.throw) kept getting weaker and weaker at each new version of SFIV, and in Ultra is even weaker than before because of delayed wake up.

you can bet on dwu and if it doesn’t come out, not do the mizoteru bomber, or on some characters you can catch both DWU and non DWU timing.