Blanka Video Thread

okay Id like to see some vids around here of blanka. He seems quite interesting in IV Im considering picking him up this time :wonder:

Abel -
Akuma -
Akuma -
Balrog -
Balrog -
C.Viper -
Dhalsim -
E.Honda -
Guile -
Ken -
M.Bison -
Rufus -
Rufus -
Rufus -
Rufus -
Vega -
Zangief -


mind explaining how to watch those videos, been clicking everywhere and nothings happening :(.

Also on the SF4 japanese site
in the tournament part is about 4 videos with blanka , 2 vs ken, 2 vs akuma.

paste the nico url into the textbox at the top of that page and it automatically takes you to the video.

good stuff guys :tup:

I wonder why these haven’t been put here yet:

I just saw them today. Great Blanka there.

And, how does he cancel Blanka ball into super? He does that in all three matches, like 4:02 in the third video.

I posted 2 of those in here already, did you not see my post? i meant to post the 3rd one too but i duplicated one of the rufus matches instead, failed at copy and paste :-(. Anyway i’ve added the 3rd one correctly this time and named the vids. Thanks for helping out.

I can’t watch nicovid videos on my comp, even with that re-director :frowning: sry.

no worries man, thanks to you i’m able to download them and put those 3 onto my archos! cheers

Bumping this thread up for this:

On top is 3 matches of my Blanka vs. Eric’s Guile. Eric is pretty solid turtle Guile but still some pretty lousy play by me. During one of the rounds you’ll be watching thinking "is Jay TRYING to lose?"
Right beneath it is 2 matches of MOVAL’s Blanka vs. Alex Valle’s Ryu. Good match, very useful if you struggle vs. shotos. I definitely learned something from watching this at the time.

If they ever fall from the top of the multimedia list, just search for “video 94 west covina” in the search bar there and you’ll find them. Hopefully they’ll add some of the later round matches from this tournament.

–Jay Snyder

Good stuff Vis.

nice, thx for the link. hop > up ex-ball seemed to work nicely!


Sorry Ultra David you got owned :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I’ve got to learn that hop into Ultra… that was sick.

Very Helpfull video, now i just need a stick hehe!

He focus into combo + ball, …SOOOO FAST !!


you don’t need a stick to do that.

i’m not sure how to describe it. theres like a buffer window in the FA were you can dash cancel it before it ends and still have the attack to come out. practice with it in training mode to try and understand the timing, i use visual clues like watching where blanka’s hand is.

The trick is while the screen is momentarily paused with the oh-so-dramatic inky FA stun, tap f,f. It seems to work for everyone after a FA hits.

By the time the action gets going again and Blanka is hopping forward, you should already be holding db, which is enough charge time for the -> s.lp xx Ball to be possible.

If anything, that video is showing dash storing rather than charge storing.

Yup i’ll pratice, but i want a stick fast, i don’t want to get used to much to the gamepad.

thats so easy, the real shit is FA into ultra

i’ve been reading up a lot lately on these forums(only recently actually made a name) and one thing that i’ve seen several times is blanka stalling the ultra ball when he hits the ground like what happened on the first match of the set. any advice on how to do that?

ty yunfak <3