Blanka ULTRA SSF4 Changes


  • Forward Dash total frames reduced by 1 frame (21F → 20F)
  • Close Standing MK now airborne 1 frame sooner (from 4F→ 3F)
  • Crouching MK advantage on hit increased by 1 frame (+4F → +5F);
  • pushback on guard and hit increased
  • H Rolling Attack knocks down the opponent at all distances
  • All versions of Backstep Roll cause 2F more block-stun
  • All versions of Vertical Roll can be EX Focus-cancelled on hit or block
  • Shout of Earth (P version) now has a larger hitbox on the 1st active frame;
  • no longer hits standing opponents


  • Forward dash is now reduced to 20 frames from 21 frames (read somewhere else they mistaken dash for surprise forward aka forward hop, so want to clarify)
  • cl.MK is now airborne from 3f onwards.
  • c.MK hit stun is now increased to +5 instead of +4
  • c.MK push back on block and hit has been slightly increased
  • HP Horizontal Ball knocksdown at any range
  • LK/MK/HK/EX Ball can be Focus and Red Focus cancelled
  • LK/MK/HK/EX Rainbow ball gives an extra 2 frames of block stun
  • Anything not listed above should be the same as ver AE 2012 unless there are some unlisted changes. Please note that there are more changes in the beta versions that might not apply anymore.

Changes for System
• Can select one or both ultras, if selected both ultras there’s less damage
• Red Focus allows you to focus through anything that is non-armor breaking at the cost of using meters and taking off more ‘white health’ but also gaining more Ultra meter. This is performed by pressing MP+MK+LP
• If you cancel a normal or special into Red Focus, at level 1 you can crumple stun your opponent. Meaning c.HP xx RFA = stun
• Delayed Wake Up performed by holding onto any two buttons right before you hit the ground. (I guess cody players need to make sure they don’t hold onto their EX zonk knuckle as wake up too early if they don’t want delayed wake up or to give away their intentions when the word Technical pops up)

Capcom Cup Changes
+Forward Dash total frames reduced from 21F to 20F
+Close Standing MK now airborne from 3F
-Crouching MK pushback on guard and hit increased
+Crouching MK changed from +4 to +5 on hit
+H Rolling Attack knocks down the opponent at all distances
+All versions of Backstep Roll cause 2F more block stun
+All versions of Vertical Roll can be EX Focus-cancelled on hit or block

  • U2 AA - 7f > 9f
  • Reduced feather size on costume 3 by 30%. + Cr. MP hit stun increased +2 frames, also increased pushback.

+ CL.MK - Airborne 1-4f

• c.LK improved, either more frames on hit or chainable
• Blanka Ball is changed somehow
• Hop is improved


• Faster startup on Rainbow Ball.
• Close standing middle kick to become airborne.
• Make Shout of Earth better, no examples given.
• Make crouching middle kick more advantageous on hit, so it can be used in combos.


Rolling Attack kinda sucks now! It trades a lot, and what is up with getting thrown out of the startup? It’s understandable that the move be punishable on block, but now there are situations where it’s punishable on hit too. It’s a move that actually works against Blanka.

I wouldn’t mind a slight nerf on his electricity.

Ayano: We’ve definitely heard the requests to buff Rolling Attack loud and clear. The leading concerns being to make it less easy to counterattack and to give it a bit more priority. In order to better differentiate what happens when the move hits versus when it’s blocked we’ll look into adjustments, also taking other characters balance in mind.[/s][/details]

Honestly… after reading all this I’m a bit disappointed but i guess unless some of these goes to the extreme it might be ok…

I am particularly looking forward to being airborne but if its not airborne within first few frames that’ll be disappointing… I’m really thinking about FA lvl2 block into to make it into a real mixup vs right now there’s not much of a mixup… having more hit advantage unless they are nice enough to give us 2 extra frames it’s fairly useless buff it’ll only mean we can now link to itself and will make linking ultra easier.

Everything else mentioned to me is kinda useless unless they are talking about buffimg to the extreme…


It’ll be interesting to see what the final changes end up being. The proposed Shout of Earth change is something I’m really looking forward to seeing and hopefully capcom will address rolling attack being punishable on hit.

I read… that USF4 potentially might be able to access to both Ultras in the match… which I always thought they had this intention before…

The question is…

how much do you think will improve Blanka?

Personally… I do think it’ll improve against some match ups… but not sure if it’s gonna greatly improve his bad match ups


That would be broken as hell for some characters.

Think about Zangief having both a ground and air grab Ultra at the same time.

Gen would have 4 ultras, lol. I don’t think they will do that.

I hope they just add a super for each character.

Came over here to see what kind of changes you guys would like and all I see is talk about being able to use both ultras.

  • blanka ball should be safe on hit (as an able player I abuse this, once I get ultra I just dash at you guys with no fear)
  • the double knee I think its mk should be air borne
  • and maybe fadc out of slide but I’m not sure about this one

calm down and look here

all this has been discussed several times in different threads

here’s some ‘rumored’ updates from FGTV Podcast Episode 3… as mentioned before… same match with two ultras (Episode 2) was also heard here (can select one or both… if choose both it’ll be less damage)… whether you believe his stuff or not it’s up to you… personally I do…

summary of Blanka changes he’s heard so far…

  1. c.MK - gives 1 extra frame of hit stun resulting to +5…
  2. c.LK - something about it is buffed he wasn’t clear basically said… it’s no longer 1 frame link… so my guess is either also +5 or it’s chainable… i think it’s the latter
  3. Hop is improved (he isn’t specific)
  4. Blanka Ball recovery is changed… didn’t say for the better or worse… and i’m assuming horizontal ball… but i’m hoping it’s all ball lol

that’s about it… he elaborates why +5 on c.MK is great… by saying how now we can walk up,, s.lp xx ball… or,, U1… vs before we can’t have charge outside of jump ins…


imo is cr mk buff useless
cr mk cr mk ultra 1 whiff only good is that cr mk to ultra is easy now but for that they nerf damage and chip
they better give him some better combo options fadc stuff for example

CR.MK buff is huge. Prime example be LAU-HK’s point of being able to have a reliable footsies combo tool.

Watch this video of C o o p, and the milage he gets outta cr.MK and tell me that buff is useless. +5 or more would be massive.,, u1.,, ex.ball fadc.

We’d have real combos. On the ground.

u1 whiff after2*cr mk
is it not the same as crmk,crlk with a bit more damage
imo its good after fadc for crmk,u1 bot otherwise no idee someone a few examples? buff is gonna be huge besides from what’s mentioned above… we can now have a significantly easier time to link into ultra 1 after FA counter hit (or lvl 2+)…

i’m more curious what’s gonna be changed with hop… i have a feeling it’s just gonna be reverted to harder to get thrown once again… but i hope it’s more than just that… i’m hoping they increase the speed of hop significantly…


EventHubs says Blanka balls are nerfed…

Don’t care about the changed (unless they made it chainable), +5f just gives 1 less reason to choose U2. I want more frame advantage on block., u1 would be character/situation specific if they didn’t change the pushback., ex ball fadc would also be character specific.

Even just being able to do, (cr./st.lp) xx ball as a punish combo will be huge. xx elec is inconsistent on some characters as is st.lp xx elec. In situations where you are currently punishing for 170(or 180 if you’re down with the xx elec) - 212, you will be able to punish for 244-255 plus some extra stun. xx ball xx super punish should work on a decent amount of characters too where wouldn’t have let you get the charge.

Also don’t forget if they changed this by reducing the recovery and not a straight hitstun buff, this helps our frame trap/karathrow game.

One change that would be nice is that Balls always knockdown on counterhit from any range, reducing on hit punishes from people being careless with focus attack, and giving more incentive to frame trap with it in some situations.

Why the hell would Capcom nerf a move that can be PUNISHED ON HIT by like 10 characters? It better always knock down on hit now…jesus christ this is dumb.

the changes on eventhubs not confirm as true
the ball nerf is very weird too they call it beast ball wtf they mean with that?
if they not give him new combos i hope they buff elec hitbox that clmp,lp,hard elect work on everyone

I think if you actually watch the vid… you’ll see Filipino Champ was saying it got changed… Shady K assumed when he says change it means nerf because everything else mentioned is a buff… Champ just said yeah yeah… but in a way not really to confirm that ball is nerfed but saying Blanka’s buff some place might have nerf at others… at least that’s how i interpret it… watch that section you’ll know what i mean.

and honestly F. Champ might not be given exactly how it’s changed… so… since Shady K interpret it as its nerfed… (without really thinking much) F.Champ isn’t really gonna disagree with him given the little info he’s got… and you can tell he rather move onto talking about the next character.