Blanka Trial 24

I can link all 4 hits but can’t get the rolling attack to come out. Am I doing something wrong? I tried checking my inputs in training mode and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

just look here or put it in here!

this thread is STICKY!!!

but to answer your question:

u have to charge instantly when you hit MP!
u can also hold UP and BACK at the same time while jumping in with HK and press MP instantly when you hit the floor (timing is tricky cuz if dont find the right spot you will just jump back) and afterwards move the stick down to DOWN and BACK and MK! using that technique you will have plenty of charge!

Oh sorry, I don’t post on the forums much so i didn’t know any better X(
Thank you so very much!! I tried using the 2nd method you listed and managed to complete the trial very quickly.