Blanka Q&A Thread: Simple questions go here - not a new thread!

Alright blanka players handle this.

Now I’m not going to pretend to be any sort of authority on Blanka or anyone for that matter, but I believe the Cammy move you’re talking about is her hooligan combo. If this is the case, the attack she’s hitting you with is a throw so the best counter I would imagine would be to jump. Throws are definitely unblockable. The trouble here I believe is that Cammy has more options than just the throw when she rolls into the ball, so you’ll have to be looking out for it.

Sorry I can’t help with any other questions.

  1. Yes it builds meter with out hitting and sometimes I do it for the hell of it but it takes for ever to build it up.

  2. I am not sure about this as I don’t have a fight pad.

3)Yes ex blanka ball goes through fireballs but only the straight blanka ball.

4)Yes they are the same. There is only one set of EX moves and many ways to trigger them. IE LP+MP LP+HP MP+HP and LP+MP+HP.

5)When Cammy does her little ball tuck in to a throw you should release your Ultra just as she is with in a foot of you. Makes me get goosebumps every time.

hope that helps

Wow! Thanks for the super quick responses everyone, much appreciated makes notes

re: Cammy’s Hooligan… its been nerfed beyond belief. it can only hit an opponent if they are standing upright (or jumping). if they crouch-block, it won’t grab.

Does command hop back have any advantage over regular backdash? Was it ever found to have any invincibility frames?

I have a question about the timing of the crosshop>ultra. I can get hop>ultra down with no prob, I just don’t understand the timing of the inputs during the crossup. Could anyone explain how to consistenly pull this off?

On Blanka’s Trials, Normal Level 4, his third one, where you have to jump hard kick, headbutt thingy into rolling ball into focus attack. How do you get the rolling ball part to come out, I’ve been stuck on this for a while :[

That’s a basic 2-in-1 combo. You want to jump in, and immediately upon descent, hold back. When you connect the kick, simply interrupt the headbutt animation so that only the first hit connects, then shift to the specific punch button indicated on the trial. If you keep getting two hits, you’re doing the command too slow.

to begin learning this, start by trying to hop to your opponents backside starting as far away as you can. that way youll have a longer input on the front and once you hit 3p coming out of the hop it will activate. once you got the gist of it down, youll be able to do it a lil closer to him, but you MUST input it much quicker due to the smaller window of time when youre in front. it takes much practice, and definitely imo worth mastering. im not sure its possible to do pointblank hop and ultra, but if anyone is quick enough to pull this off let me know… with practice, it can be combined with a slide knockdown; so its especially lethal; make sure you begin charging after inputting the slide command.

heres input for this if anyone else asks

i give my thanks to my other blanka fellows for contributing their thoughts on this on making this consistent. i never thought such a thing could be possible :]

you can also do tap :3p: 3x just to confirm the presses if the ultra doesnt come out.

blanka’s ultra is already so awesome. and the fact that it can be utilized as a crossup is such an evil mixup tool :]

edit: for ancedotal interest, i also managed to pull off a crosshop super accidentally and it hit my opponent x.x not sure if anyone else wants to do it deliberately but if they want to, it works.

I was playing a bunch of ranked last night, and I hopped through/over a bunch of crap and it pretty much surprised me on a good number of them.

Against Cammy; over Spiral Arrow and her Ultra.
Against Boxer; Through TAP, dashes, and I actually hopped through his ultra, but got hit once I think.
Against Sagat; through Tiger Knee(no clue how this happened). Through Ultra(one hit). Through Tiger Uppercut.

The ultras were I think my opponents trying to hit me out of the hop on reaction, and yeah that didn’t quite work.

So question. What exactly can be reaction hopped through? Should I bother to do so even if I can? Or should I just keep capitalizing on my happy accidents like above?

So how much of the input needs to be entered before you cross the other player? Is it:

:db::df:+:3k::l: [cross-over, just as you hit the ground] :r:+:3p:

Or is it the full command before you cross them? Or everything but the punch?


you need to input all but the punches before crossing over. im assuming the last forward before crossing seems to store (or rather, buffer) your ultra until you come out of the hop which is when you would execute it. this is because once you cross the other player the inputs are reversed.

ah cool, thanks, I’ll have to try that once I get home. So you were saying in another thread that you hit :3p:x3 to help ensure it comes out?

noob question #2:

Whats the proper way to piano s.lp -> h.electric

I saw the youtube video someone posted and it looked like he was doing :lp:~:mp:~:hp:~:lp:~:hp: is this correct? does it only work from midair? if so, is there a way to execture it from the ground or do you have to be in the middle of another move to properly start it?

I was practicing and seemed to have reasonable success doing j.HK while in midair pianoing :hp:~:mp:~:lp:~:lp:~:mp:+:hp:~:hp: which seemed to work okay (260 damage?)

it should come out, usually. most of the time im better off just hitting it once and get it, but for some people they need to maybe hit it three times just to get it to work consistently. depends on the end user.

Check out my brothers vids he made for the Gen forum:

Piano Method:[media=youtube]Ezr6VYO9KCo[/media]
Slide Method: [media=youtube]HZ13nKkPMZ4[/media]
Demonstration: [media=youtube]9mAey2LFSPk[/media]

You gotta see his slide method. Reminds me of the good ole days using a battery or my t-shirt to hit the buttons in MK 1 when doing the “test your might” thing haha. The slide method works for blanka damn good! My brother thought our s.LP -> HP elec was easier than gens because one of our punches is used in the link, unlike gens.

If you can’t do lp, mp, hp,hp, hp then you wont be using blanka to his full potential. Thats the best way to do it. if you do lp,mp,hp,lp,hp you will often get ex elec.

so basically lp, mp, keep tapping hp. can this be done from the ground or does it need to be combo’d into ?

I don’t know how reliable Prima is on this, but they mention it takes roughly 6 punch inputs to execute his Electric Thunder. I’ve done it when I’ll be performing a move or a jump and hit all 3 and land on the power of ET I want (Yes, the 3 punches do different damages, it increases by 10 I believe it’s LP120, MP130, HP140). The piano method doesn’t really matter when it comes down to it (Just helps you execute a bit faster, but just make the preference on whether you want it to do the most or lightest amount of damage) because it mainly just wants to know that you are inputting the least amount of punches you need to activate ET.

Go into training mode and watch the damage counter, it will explain a lot.

EDIT: If you want to use an Ex ET, then just hit all 3 punches simultaneously twice and it will pretty much always activate. It’s cute to do this to Zangief’s, seeing as they almost always try to grab you or jump in and then they get le pissed.