Blanka loses to LI Joe

ugh I was in the tourney on LI this weekend and my blanka lost to none other then LI JOE’s sagat, after I took out his C.Viper…it was on livestream , I’m attempting to get the footage so I can post it for you guys to peep…damn it, next time LI joe, I only got one look at his Sagat. I made it thru a few heads then faced him in losers bracket after losing a match to “lex” an incredible rufus player…but I didn’t know that matchup very well, I wont make that mistake again.

It would be surprising if you won. This is to be expected, why make a thread for it? Imagine if every scrub made a thread to better players they lose to :rolleyes:.

Good shit on beating one of Blanka’s better match ups, on someone who hasn’t been playing Viper as long. You get a :tup: and a golden star :wgrin:

Good Job Thedeadmanx… looking forward to see ur video~