Blanka - General Discussion

fuck blanka

You’d never survive in the jungle!

Yes! Yes!

I’m going to play sfv again

I need to check, but I believe this is a bannable offense.


Are we back to trolling people online with jab roll > throw?

Hell yeah!

YESSSSSSSS!!! The Beast is finally back for SFV. Really excited to see what CAPCOM comes up for him using the V-SYSTEM!

He’s gonna have unga bunga that will piss people off and people will shame you for using him.

Pft haters gonna hate! I’ve been seeing a lot of that going around whenever Blanka was mentioned as a possible returning character. Did i miss something over these pass few years?

HF vertical roll, please.

Very excited. I wonder what his V-Skill/Trigger will work. Won’t wait too long as he is 2nd on the S3 list to be released. I hope we will get his classic stage.

earliest I am guessing is Feb… more than likely he will be released at Final Round or something. I’m interested in his redesign though. Looking forward to what they do with his roll because as is I don’t think it fits in SFV.

they should give the option to piano electricity or make it a motion like chun. I can see them making that his v skill though.


V skill will be his hop

V trigger I: 3 bar Electric blanka, buffs his specials

V trigger II: 2 bar, gives him some extra moves like a full screen low electric spark

Online gonna quickly turn into cancer come ~March

I plan on contributing to that cancer when I can if ono let’s me.

While this will make me retry the garbage game I have 3 major concerns. This reminds me of SFxT when I waited for Honda or Blanka and I got the electric oompa loompa and he fucking sucked and felt nothing like SF2 or SF4.

A) They don’t make his electricity pianoable like SF4. If they make it a simple input option like Kolin I swear… Or light electricity is negative on block… I want electric pressure/mixups…

B) His Vertical balls will be garbage tier. Please make his EX vertical ball a GTFO move that has invincibility. If he lacks this I can declare now he will be low tier like FANG. Make it punishable AF but invincible.

C) His style is hit and run with pesky offense and defense and this game doesn’t allow for that and why I find it garbage personally. This is a offensive pressure game and his style may just fall flat or they again make him like SFxT which was not a fun Blanka to use.

I am about excited as I can be given it wasn’t salt tossed and a fat sumo and maybe he will be a close enough port from SF4 and I can play this game again.

He will be reworked, his move set will be creative and interesting. He will be fun to play and very popular.

But haters still gonna hate.

I have no idea on how Capcom will adjust Blanka to this game and that’s exciting to me

Maybe we will be hugely disappointed with the result, let’s wait and see.

My prediction is that he won’t have a fullscreen horizontal roll anymore. I know it’s his trademark move and all, but some of the characters went through some radical changes like Nash, so maybe Blanka will too. I’m thinking something like Urien’s shoulder tackle, with limited horizontal range.

I second this

Slide sweep crush counters from half the screen

I just hope he keeps the same st.HP and that it works as a CC

I think it’s pretty certain that’ll be given a drastic overhaul, if only to appease to the whiners. I just hope they don’t change him to a motion input character like they did with Vega.

Ideally he’d be a hit-and-run character with high-priority normals like in SFII, but at this point I’m just glad he’s in the game at all. I don’t even care how bad he might turn out to be, I’ll
main him anyway.