Blanka execution help

I’m trying to main Blanka and when I try to do this same combo that T Srai does with his Blanka the shit won’t fuckin come out. It’s crouch LK,LK, LP, Rolling Attack. It’s a 4 hit combo and I’m looking at his button inputs and it seems he is double tapping which I’ve tried and it still won’t come out. I think I’ve only done the combo once out of like 50 tries. I supplied the YouTube vide I’m talking about and he does the combo at exactly 0:44-0:48 second within. Any and all tips on how to execute this or any of other Blankas high combos please message me.


In the first round it looks like he’s plinking it, not double tapping (notice at the end of the round all the jabs that show up on the input list while he’s linking his short kicks.

I don’t understand how he’s plinking it when its a crouch, LK, LK, LP, Rolling Attack. How do you plink that?

if you use LK LP you will plink LK. Making LK LK LK from 1 framers to 2 framers. This is how most dictators can do the c.LK c.LK c.LK xx scsissors they plink them with LK LP. Make sense?

Double tapping only works on 2 frame links. Plinking on 1 frame links. I don’t double tap, and I plink rarely. Something I should probably work on. It helps with Blanka’s kara throw, but i don’t use it. That combo is a tough one to use. That many cr lk only works on wide characters. Three 1 frame links in it. He would be better off doing cr mk into jab into electricity but hey he’s better than me so he can do whatever he wants. I’m guessing he was using that combo to get the dizzy.

I’ve actually seen him use that combo on several different opponents including Daigo. I guess I just have to practice my plinking and timing its just really difficult. I’m hoping my new TE stick coming in will help me out a LITTLE bit more. I have a crappy FS3 right now and I think that has something to do with it. I’m also playing on a 42"Plasma would that make me lag a little bit? I skimmed over something once that large HDTV’s can lag a little with SSFIV. I need all the advantage’s I can get when pulling off these combo’s especially when I’m playing online.

Some tvs can have lag. Not sure if size is the cause or not. I have a 42" Phillips which seems ok.

so the plink is like a kara? I hit the lp almost simultaneously with the lk but just a couple of mill secs after?

Yea if you are playing on a FS then it is probably because of those clunky generic buttons. Sanwa’s are very precise.

is the hori ex2 for xbox360 good for plinking and pianoing for blanka?

I figured this would be a problem but I have a TE tick heading to my house via UPS as we speak! :slight_smile:

work on doing specific parts of the comobos not teh whole thing, then link them up together.
waht you are describing sounds like me wanting to learn how to do a reverse 360 dunk on lebron james after picking up a basketball for the first time.
keep at ti thouhg, repetition is key.

Haha LMAO Satsui that was really funny. Thanks for the analogous tip.

Plinking just doesn’t seem to work for me. I can do it but it just doesn’t seem to help with Blanka, maybe I need to practice more. The kara throw I can do by sliding but it’s not much of a increase in throw range.

I actually tried plinking with Guile and I almost seem to got it down. I just need more muscle memory and repetition. Thanks again guys for all of the advice and comments.

i dont know why, but i switched the button layout the first time i played SF

i always played blanka and my layout is:

this way you can do elec much easier cuz the movement feels more comfortable at least for me!
so i do elec LP MP HP MP HP but i START with the ringfinger and end with the index!

it also helps with plinking cr.LK!
i hit LK with my pinky and LP with my ring so i dont have to move a finger off of its normal position!

i know changing buttons is tough for an old SF veteran, but it might help new players at least for mash attack chars like
chun, honda, gen, blanka etc.

i did this with all my fighting games (having HARD at the index MiÍDDLE at the middle and LOW at the ring) and i never experienced a negative effect! for me it feels much more natural! i dont know why!