Blanka AE2012 Matchup Notes and Character Specifics - UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Version 0.1 - Blanka Writeup Added
October 10th 0.11 - Abel Writeup Finished

I know I’ve been promising this for awhile but I lost a bunch of notes and it’s kind of time consuming to recheck everything I have memorized in training mode. I’m going to try to do 1-2 characters per day and have this finished before october is over. If you have anything to contribute once a character has been posted please let me know** BY PM** and I’ll add it in.

General Notes
Hit confirms can always be exchanged for xx electricity into kara hop( into normals to maintain pressure. Against slower reversals if the is meaty it has a benefit of being potentially safe.
Try to avoid hitcofirming into ex ball FADC combos unless the followup mixup will dizzy, generally you’re better off saving for super
Numbers are damage/stun format, i might add net meter gain/loss in later



Optimal Combos

Deep Jumpin:

no meter,, st.lp xx mp electricity 305/480, xx hp electricity 292/460

3 Bar,,, xx ex ball xx FADC 384/575,, xx ex ball xx FADC slide 390/605,, xx ex ball xx FADC hp electricity 414/605

4 bar, xx mp ball xx lp super 556/420

ultra 1,, u1 524/300,, u1 534/300

Level 2 FA Crumple xx hp electricity 237/330, st.lp xx mp electricity 247/385
walk forward,, st.lp xx hp ball 286/430, st.lp xx mp ball xx lp super 439/355, u1 443/230
u2 443/150

Hit Confirm

standing and crouching,, st.lp xx mp electricity 175/280,,, st.lp xx hp ball 183/295 (knockdown),, st.lp xx hp ball 215/330 (knockdown)

ultra standing and crouching,,, u1 381/140,, u1 448/150

overhead, st.jab xx hp ball 224/310(knockdown)
overhead, st.jab xx ex electricity 240/310
overhead, xx hp ball 264/360
overhead, u1 486/100
overhead, st.lp xx mp ball xx super 496/270

Safejumps and whiff setups
Note: due to abel’s odd wakeup options traditional safejumps are not the best option vs. him if he has meter stocked, the setups below are designed to beat him with meter stocked

f.throw, whiff lp ball, stepback - os hop is probably the best option here puts you close to ex roll and you can still punish normal rolls. OS slide can catch normal rolls and backdash
f.throw, dash, f.hop, - don’t use if Abel has meter stocked, can os throw to grab ex rolls

Meaty setups(safe if he does not have meter)

sweep, f.dash, overhead
sweep, f.dash, whiff rockcrusher - os for backdash
sweep, f.dash, f.dash, xx hp electricity - os sweep for backdash
sweep, neutral jump, far mp, os slide - safest option if he has meter will block ex cod, hit ex tt, slide backdash, and reset to neutral if he ex rolls. If you guess ex roll and don’t os you can kara throw it.
f.throw, lp ball, f.dash, overhead
f.throw, lp ball, f.dash, whiff rockcrusher,

Random Notes:

You can crouch cl.hp after stepkick, try to stay crouching
lk rainbow roll after a blocked stepkick dash forward is unblockable and will also beat attempts to backdash, focus, tt, ex tt, normal throw, and you will be air reset if he hits most buttons. This leaves you open to cr.hp or stepkick no dash into full combo. Use it wisely.


Optimal Combos
Deep Jumpin:

no meter,, st.lp xx hp electricity 312/480,, xx hp electricity 344/520(EX if crouching, doesn’t work if stunned),,,, cr.lp xx hp blanka ball 350/545(EX if crouching)

3 bar,,, xx ex ball xx FADC 384/575,,, xx ex ball xx FADC mp electricity 408/605

4 bar,, xx mp ball xx lp super 567/485

ultra 1,,, u1 543/380

ultra 2, AA u2, 515/200

Level 2 FA Crumple, st.lp xx hp electricity 259/385,,, cr.lp xx hp ball 288/435
walk forward,, xx ex electricity 293/420,, st.lp xx mp ball xx lp super 405/370, u1 443/230(can style for 10 extra damage with walk back far mp u1)
hop, u2 443/150

Hit Confirm

standing,, st.lp xx hp electricity 182/280,, st.lp xx hp ball 215/330 (knockdown)

crouching,, st.lp xx lp electricity 168/280,, cr.lp xx hp ball 215/330

ultra - standing and crouching,,, u1 381/140,,, u1 421/190,, u1 448/150


overhead, st.jab xx hp ball 224/310(knockdown)
overhead, xx hp ball 264/360
overhead, u1 486/100
overhead, st.lp xx mp ball xx super 496/270

Safejumps and whiff setups
f.throw, whiff mp ball, (os slide for backdash)
b.throw, focus dash, (can be beaten with late ex upball or reversal electricity)

Meaty setups(safe if he does not have meter):

sweep, f.dash wait 2f~, overhead
sweep, f.dash wait 2f~, whiff rockcrusher
sweep, f.dash, f.dash(at the end of dash piano/slide inputs), activate elec), df.hp. If blocked/hit will be a xx lp elec, if backdashed you will get os slide.
sweep, f.dash, f.dash, wait 2f~, focus backdash, u1)
f.throw, lp ball, f.dash wait 2f~, overhead
f.throw, lp ball, f.dash wait 2f~, whiff rockcrusher,

Notable unsafe normals:
cr.HK:-7. If done close you can sweep it back, u1, or cr.forward xx hp ball
cr.HP: -10 . Even though it looks like you should be able to slide only the first frame that doesn’t extend far is -10. You can sometimes cr.fierce back on block if it is spaced badly however.
st.Hp: If done too close you can punish with st.lp xx ball on block

Random notes:
Blanka’s natural crouching state on top of some of his crouching normals and electricity will low profile st.jab and st.strong.

How to punish Blanka:
Normal upballs you want to punish with slide or u2 ground. EX you can punish with walk forward sweep to setup oki, or you can use dash into jab/low forward electricity for more consistent damage. If you have u1 stocked you can hop/dash or walk forward u1, or use u2 ground.
Your best bet if you have charge is to just ex upball/AA u2 it if you see him coming down on your head, you can also just do a buffered electricity to take him out. If you’re standing/don’t have time to buffer try, it might trade though. If it’s not a reversal focus it!
Blanka is able to safeball himself which can be problematic in the mirror. Learning to recognize what balls are safe is a huge part of fighting this. All balls can be punished with u2 ground, and non safeballs can be punished with walk forward > slide. Close to the corner you can punish with anything.


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