Blackheart vs. Sentinel

I played this match awhile today. It’s a fairly comfortable match for me, but it’s tempered by the fact that BH can’t usually do much in terms of damage to Sentinel. He has to carefully pace this match.

Anyway, here’s some advice for any of you that are wondering about this fight…

SJ.Fierce is THE BEST MOVE at any given time on grounded Sentinel. It keeps him from flying, and the fact that you are waiting to airdash means he can’t peg you for free with an unblockable low fierce on the way down. Wait it out to see what he does. If he jumps after you, airdash. Whether you do this forward or backward depends on how far out the fierce demons will cover you. You shouldn’t be too scared of frying pan, since mashing on your jab stuffs the move clean.

SJ.Roundhouse are also good moves to throw on the screen, but keep in mind that this move doesn’t actually PIN Sentinel, and you have to take that into account if he ever figures it out.

Most of the time, if you can isolate Sentinel from his assist and are in an in-close situation, best move is to call your projectile assist and jump short x2. This is hard to respond to.

Sentinel flying? If you have an anti-air, this is pretty easy to deal with actually. Call the anti-air and inferno. He has to stop flying. Don’t try this if he’s in unfly mode and a bit too close to the ground. But you could always go for a superjump jab, airdash tick grab instead though. That’s a really good move on Sentinel.

Air judgement day is fun if Sentinel gets cute and decides trying to launch you out of the air is the thing to do.

I’m really tired, so I’ll just leave it at that. More later.

Something people are going to start doing after awhile of playing this matchup is throw “random” rocket punches. ie. if they superjump and think you’re going to superjump with them and fierce in anticipation of flight, they’ll throw a rocket punch timed so you get hit by it.

To counter this, you have to wait a split second before deciding what to do. If you see that your opponent is trying to set up a “psychic” rocket punch, stay on the ground. You can Inferno xx HOD if they do a fierce rocket punch. After that, they’ll probably start throwing jab rocket punches trying to hit you out of Inferno. This is where you have to start getting tricky.

My preference is to keep Sentinel from wanting to superjump at all by mixing up jab and fierce infernos. Sentinel can’t rocket punch through infernos or he’ll get hit, so as long as you cover yourself adequately, you can throw infernos to make your opponent think twice. It works better than it looks on paper.

what would u think would be be the best way to get out of the sent push into the corner? dash under or try and sj.jab/or block your way out?