Black Women: Stop using White/Asian styles! Stay Black!

As a strong Black man, I get so sick and tired of seeing my Ebony sisters adhering to the White and Asian man’s standard of beauty. It’s sickening. Black women need to stick to a set style suitable for our people, and far away from the sick standards of beauty and style set by the Pale Devil and the Yellow Devil. For hair this means:


For clothing this means:

-traditional african robes
-hiphop/rapper/“gangsta” style clothes

For music this means:

-hip hop
-RnB/ soul

No more straightening your hair ladies. No more wearing leather pants/jackets and goth/emo bondage shit with stiletto heels and leather straps and shit, or fake kimono miniskirt geisha shit and chinese silk blouses and cheongsam dresses. No more metal, techno, industrial, emo, electronic or any other White people music. We need to embrace our proud Nubian heritage ladies. You Black women are the backbone of Black society, if you fall, WE ALL FALL. No more dating men of other races, this includes mixed race “black” men, mulattos are NOT black, they are just half breeds with blood of the White Devil within them.

Posting in potential candidate for thread of the year.

Do you have anything to add? The Black man needs to put his foot down and stop this shit for good. Nicki Minaj? That’s what passes for a Black woman now? Bitch looks and acts like a fucking brown white woman, with her limp dyed and fried lassie fucking limp DOG HAIR.


Actually I do.


But I’m half black half asian >_> what do I do? Do I have to wear traditional african robes over my fake kimono miniskirt geisha shit?

*looks at your sig

Asian, yeah get the fuck out my thread with your fucking bitch ass, and get your fucking shitty ass out of MY neighborhoods, speaking that pigeon shit thinking we don’t know you insulting us. Fucking limp dog hair ass motherfucker.

how do you feel about white boys gettin braids?

I didn’t know black people could be this racist.

But know I know that trash exists in every part of the world.

I dont try to be black, or mexican, or white, I try to be human

Just the whites and Asians, huh?

I guess us latinas don’t have anything to worry about then. ^^

You’re HALF black, you may as well not be black at all, you can go fuck off with all the mulattos too. Don’t date Black women either, stick to them fucking ching chong bitches.

i was making a point even though I like a lot of stuff blacks and mexicans like im still human

As a strong white man, I approve of this thread and anxiously await further developments.

pherai: that shit looks stupid as fuck, white boys with their limp ass lassie dog hair trying to get Black hair. Black hair is the foundation of our relationship with God. The Black hair’s tight curls allow us to naturally communite with God, as our hair points up towards the heavens. The white man’s hair point DOWN, to HELL.

That was a result of bad timing lol. It wasn’t aimed at you, but I agree wit cha

this thread is a silly thread

Skin color only matters to racist, im pretty sure humans are the same species

White people are demons. Asians are demons, with Japanese being the most openly evil. Play Tekken, they even flaunt that they are proud of being Devils.

This is some funny ass shit. :rofl:

Someone has been spending too much time in Craigslist “Rants & Raves”?? :eek: