Black woman enters supermarket, Koreans flee in horror

A Kenyan woman describes the mass hysteria that took over a Korean supermarket upon her entrance.

Perhaps they all went outside to check whether their bikes had been stolen.

The power levels of these racists were so high that even 2ch was appalled

And yes, I did steal this story from Sankaku Complex. Sue me.

Well, I can’t speak for all of Korea, but I’ve seen Koreans be welcoming of Africans.

A LOT of Africans are coming to Korea to study vs. other countries now, and a large amount of the ones I’ve met love it in Korea.

I’d hate to see how they would react to all the cute Korean Hapa’s over here in the states.

They were probably more scared of the fact that she was made of flesh and blood and not recycled plastic.

Did they specify which town this was in?

Can’t believe I’m the first to ask, but…pics?

We all know Koreans are the nuttiest people on the planet, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that the woman is simply seriously ugly.


I would’ve understood if it were in like Jeonju or something, but Seoul…

…at the same rate, if you read the article, you’d see that what she talks about afterward is mostly positive, and that’s the most extreme moment she’s had.

Crap, read Az’s blog, and see that kids have run away screaming from him in convenience stores in Japan. This kind of behavior is not segregated to Korea. Any xenophobic, single cultural society is going to freak out if something not like them comes near them, especially if they haven’t been exposed to that in person.

For all we know, she could’ve living in an area not prone to foreigners, like Mapo-gu in Seoul. If she was in Itaewon, like most foreigners, or even Hyehwa (where most the Africa students I know were), this would’ve never happened.

Reading this at work and can’t stop laughing, getting weird looks from customers.
My mom is Korean and doesn’t like black people, I thought that was just her though. I had no idea Koreans were notoriously racist. Though now that raises the question of why she got with my dad, seeing as he’s half-black.
They probably got divorced because she found out, lol.

Also Sankaku sucks, question OP’s sexual orientation etc. etc.

Couldn’t find any, so maybe your theory is right. Bitch mighta been straight-up fugly.

Says the guy with Yui in his AV

I’m a lesbian

it was supposed to be a joke. I guess it wasnt really funny though. w/e, no offense intended or anything

In a 40 year old male virgin’s body?

They were probably running to go masturbate.

I’m questioning why yOu dislike sankaku, place is like a k-on dakimakura with people collectively jizzing on it

Hey, I like girls too, but I don’t be calling myself a “lesbian,” you know…

am I really the only one who finds this hilarious? you guys are making me feel bad

Oh, I got you.
Well, just cause I like K-On doesnt mean I’m some kind of raging otaku. And I dislike Sankaku mainly due to the reason you specified. I can’t stand the majority of anime fans, they tend to be rather… annoying.


I’d feel wierd as shit if that happened to me…Is my dick hanging out?..Did I fart too hard before I entered and shit myself??:rofl:

I dont think there is a reason for anyone to not know about the fact there are different races of people in these times…I can see her getting wierd looks…but running like godzilla entered the store is nutz…Thanks for shortening the purchase line up, I guess.

oh man can you imagine the shit storm that would happen in NORTH KOREA??

lmao do they even know black people exist there?