Black Lightning - The TV series


The new DC TV show on the CW…this one will unlikley be a part of the Arrowverse.

Cress Williams - Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning
China Anne McClain - Jennifer Pierce
Nafessa Williams - Anissa Pierce

I wonder if the show will have his daughters eventually showcase their own powers…

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Looks like a fanmade project

Trying to ride the lightning of that Luke Cage success I see.

It would be cool if Static showed up in this show as his protege.

Black Lightning show is not set in the Arrowverse

I’m looking forward to this. I wish it was set in the Arrow-Flashverse but I’m fine with it not.

Whats with the LED suit tho?

Because it’s Hollywood law that black ppl must have the silliest looking costumes imaginable.

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It cant be just me who wants to see Joe West appear for a Best TV Dad tag team?

Wasted that’s a damn good idea.

You’re leaving out Diggle. It can be like DC’s version of “Three The Hard Way”.

…why does he need a suit? its almost like they took static shock and gave him arthritis. plot walks way too similar a line as static. has black lightening always been that way and i just didnt know?

That’s Static’s fault. Black Lightning did the Black Electricity Man thing first.

So…I’m guessing the suit/gear helps him control the power…? I thought his powers were natural, and it appears to still be the case, but it also seems like the suit has some special tech built into it as well.

Since it is CW, I am sure they will deliver on the hotness/eye-candy front as well. The daughters look good so far, and I’m sure they’ll have some gorgeous friends too. This network always comes through for us when it comes to that.

Some kevlar, carbon fiber panels, metal panels or even numerous thick layers of linen would of been better than no protection.
Difference between Luke Cage and Black Lighting is that Cage’s super power is to be piratically immune from hard while Black Lighting as electrical like powers.

You want some sort of body protection of you are going to go off playing super powered vigilante.

Also the numerous thick layers of linen as armor is a thing, it’s called a Gambeson it was worn as armor during the medieval ages ether alone as is, under chain mail or a thinner version called an arming doublet under plate armor.

in the hood?

never learned to have a forcefield?

Suicide Slum, the hood of Metropolis, yes.

Yeah, he did it first but one can argue who did it better. Either way, I will give it a shot, although I feel icky about it. There are too many super hero shoes out there and Iron Fist can’t be the only one to fuck up after a quality string of successes ranging from serviceable to very good.

Interesting choice…