Black Dynamite : The Animated Series

SRK, give me five on the black hand side. :cool:

Adult Swim Picks up BLACK DYNAMITE AnimatedSeries - News - GeekTyrant

Ya dig? :nunchuck:

Outta sight…


Now can we get a game that plays like Scott Pilgrim.


And online would be unacceptable…lag spike “DON’T INTERRUPT MY KUNGFU”

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You mean with a crappy leveling up system?

This show might be cool. It needs to be as funny as the movie and as action packed as season 2 of Boondocks. It’ll be a nice cross town rival to Archer.

I loved the level up system. Seemed more tangible than Castle Crashers.

On the show, Fuck Yes!!!

They drew this shit before we got in the room.

Man, it sucks having to wait until 2012 for this.

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Even in the cartoon, black dynamite doesn’t smile.

but he laughs…

aye, fuck yaw. yaw knew what the hell I meant.

throws that shit before I left the thread

Seems the same from last year when they announced it, I’m just waiting. Incidentally, after watching this amazing film three times on Netflix I picked up the DVD today for $4.99, Dynamite plus The Thing will be a weekly celebration of pain and hilarity.

Some of y’all about to get me fired at work from laughing at some of the comments. Too bad we wont get the zodiac scene in the series since it is animated. :lol:

I still love him practicing kung-fu and just poppiung up o nthe other side of the screen on some black scoprion shit.

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gonna be bad ass.

:rofl: That scene killed me, one dude in the middle got fucked up so hard.

My favorite scene is where he confronts the gang in the bar, and his friend pimp slaps the dude and the guy gets real nigga moment on him. Scene cuts and a completely different guy is there lol.

That or when he explains why he pimp slapped Mrs. Nixon into the china cabinet…fuck I love that movie.

ah I needed that…guess I know what I’m watching this weekend. I was really hoping for a BD-type combo somewhere in Mortal Kombat or MvC3, just combo them from BOTH sides with one character…maybe TTT2 will let me hehe.

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Black Dynamite + Boondocks reruns = the effect I get when I see Roots and have to go in the next day to work. :rofl:

That Bullhorn scene was hilarious. The entire movie is hilarious.



fuck. I know what I’m watching later on today. I love the movie, and the animated series looks dope too.

I love the scene where the militant dude read the directions as lines “the militants turned startled” “sarcastically I’m in charge.”