Black Chanler: the real American hero

Im Black Chanler and I am a graphics student. So I’ll use this thread to dump my work/sketches.

My Illustration skills are a work in progress (I’ll add some by the end of the week). But I hang my hat on spreads lol :rofl:

Spread on the Sneaker Head subculture (image is resized)

5-10 minute exercise for Halloween. I used Thriller as my reference.

more to come of course.

hmm, forgot I made a thread

Unfinished Shuma-Gorath piece, black marker+photoshop

tentacle porn lolz

oh them hentacles… >.>

cool stuff ya got here.

The shuma piece. LOL
Watch your letter spacing. there’s a bit too much space between the P and A.

Is the spread going in an actual magazine? If so, I would format the headline so a letter isn’t stuck between the middle of the crease. You have a nice gutter space on the top and the bottom, but the sides are too close to the edges for a publication. A good thing to do is to trace over an existing layout on a publication too get the feel of it.

The font for the paragraph is too heavy right now, even when resized. You have a nice feel to the headline with the image in the background of “SNEAKER”(why Abbey Road though? what does that have to do with sneakers?). I would let that continue through to “HEAD”. The graphic on the bottom right doesn’t really serve any purpose, what if you put a subhead there? That will also give people an idea of what the article will be so they can decide if they want to read it or not. Lastly, I would move “HEAD” and the graphic to the left, body paragraph to the right so it flows left to right. Also reformat the paragraph to avoid hyphens. Sorry for the long crit, I’m kind of in an ad graph phase right now.

Thanks for the tips. The spread wasn’t for a mag, it was a random assignment for class. In fact, calling it a spread would be the wrong term. I guess “informative poster” would be more appropriate.

My professor didn’t understand the Abbey Road reference either. If I was to do it over, I would use the cement print on “SNEAKER” as well.

more to come…

OH shit just realized that spread was posted a year ago too haha.

Here is a quick Shuma sketch for y’all to chuckle at